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WordPress vs Blogger which one should I choose

Are you searching  for WordPress vs Blogger which one should I choose In today’s technical age, millions of people like to prefer blogging as their favorite time pass and also to share their views on various subjects with the people across all over the world through blogging. Actually, blogging is one of the most wonderful platform to share our personal views, connecting with more new people, joining several interesting communities and group as per our area of interest and much more. In other words, blogging is like a platform which helps to improve our knowledge and social circle as well.

There are a lot of platforms are available for the purpose of blogging such as Tumbler, Blog spot, Wix, Yola, Hubpages and so on. Still, the two main platforms are so much popular all over the world with the intention of blogging which are known as WordPress and Blogger. Although they both have the same popularity level among the users globally,, still it’s a big question for debate that from WordPress and Blogger which should I choose?


Here is the answer, a complete comparison between WordPress and Blogger.


  • OwnerShip

Blogger is a Google-owned platform, which means that if you choose Blogger as your blogging platform, then, in this case, Google has all the authority to store your data. While WordPress is a privately owned blogging platform where you do not need to share your data with someone else. You are allowed manage all your data by yourself in WordPress.

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  • Profile Set Up

To start blogging with Google Blogger you have to set up account or profile on the blogger. You can simply do this with your Gmail ID in just a few seconds. While on the second side, to start blogging with WordPress, you have to travel a long process to establish your blogging website. At first, you have to download the latest version of WordPress, then install and customize the theme and page layout etc.

  • Money Expenses

With WordPress, to establish a blogger profile, you have to buy a domain name for your blog and hosting service from any outsourcing. While, if you go with Blogger you do not need to spend money to purchase a hosting plan or a domain name. Google provides web hosting for free of cost with Blogger.

  • Number of blogs

When you are using WordPress as a blogging platform, you are allowed to post thousands of blogs in it. On the other hand, if you select Blogger as your blogging platform, then with the Google Blogger you are allowed to add 100 blogs which is associated with your Gmail Id.

  • Display

As Google Blogger has a small library of designer templates this is why with Blogger a user have limited options to give a lovely and designer look to their blog. While, if you select to go with WordPress, then you will get a broad library of designer themes and templates which makes your blog more elegant and also attract more readers due to its beautiful layout.

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  • User Access and Control

WordPress is a self-owned blogging platform, due to this, it allows you the full access to its several tools and features. Apart from this with WordPress, you can add so many effects and features on your blog by the use of various free plugins that are easily available in the WordPress plugins directory. While this is not possible with the Google Blogger. Blogger allows its users to access on the fewer tools and features.

  • Privacy and Security

As Blogger is a Google-owned platform for blogging, then it’s a clear indication that with blogger a user does not need to worry about any security issues like data stealing, hacking etc. Similarly, on the next side, WordPress is not much safe as compared to bloggers. To secure your data with WordPress, you need to install and activate a few plugins for the security purpose.


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly

There are so many bloggers who write on the same subject as yours. So, it is most required for you to create a blog which is SEO friendly in each manner. Because an SEO friendly blog helps you a lot to beat the competitors and turn more readers to your blog. In term of SEO both WordPress and Blogger are same, but with WordPress, a user needs to install a plugin for SEO like All in one SEO, Yoast SEO etc.

Final words:

After observing all the differences between both the blogging platforms WordPress and Blogger. It must be clear that going with WordPress will be better if you are ready to spend a little amount because it allows you to set and maintain a unique and responsive design for your blog along with different features, but don’t be confused between wordpress.com vs wordpress.org. With a wide variety of features, WordPress is the best blogging platform.



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