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Workforce Management

“We see this Covid-19 disruption as VUCA 2.0,” said Mahesh Medhekar, Vice president HR at Mercedes-Benz R&D India. VUCA stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. In such troubled times, technology feels like a ray of hope! And a critical software that has helped a lot is workforce management software!

But the question is how?

Well, it helps automate the entire employee lifecycle in organisations!

And research says organisations with standardised processes like onboarding etc. tend to retain 50% more employees.

Furthermore, you can reap the benefits of workforce management by setting workplace policies for any model- office, hybrid, and work from home! A good software effortlessly integrates all the work models, and it feels as if there is no difference in which one/s you are using!

What Is Workforce Management?

Workforce management involves complete automation of employee lifecycle, right from onboarding to separation and exit and clearance.

And the best part? It shows you 20+ reports that give you a 360-degree view of bad hires, how many quit the job and much more!

Post-pandemic, there have been many new reasons why employees are leaving jobs. Also, social distancing has become an essential requirement in every process.

And good workforce management software helps you in exactly that. Let’s see how!

 How Workforce Management Software Benefits Different Work Models?

#1: Easy Confirmation Process

The software automates everything! Customise your confirmation letter from the many templates and your feedback form from the many questions from the question bank!

Also, the confirmation process is auto-initiated, and the task owners automatically get notifications in their inboxes.

After the approvals, you do not need to mail the letters manually. Make it online to fit hybrid and work from home employees. 

And if you fear you missed something, quickly refer to the insights dashboard for any pending approvals!

#2: Offboarding Could Not Have Been Simpler!

It lets you configure the resignation workflows and separation policy for each profile. 

For example, who would receive the resignation just as it is emailed and what is the further workflow?

HROne automates everything from defining the notice period to initiating exit interviews and mapping the clearance checklist.

The software boils down all these activities to a few clicks, and you do not have to juggle between numerous departments!

It even auto-updates the status in HR software, payroll software, and attendance management software.

And since everything is online, the employee does not need to come to the office for any process! So, no issues if the employee is remote, hybrid, or works from home!

#3: Smooth Exit & Clearance

Make a memorable last day with an online 1-1 exit interview, recording feedback, and one-click full and final payment disbursement to the parting employee!

Again, set workflows encompassing various departments that too specified differently for each role.

For example, the exit interview is auto-initiated once the resignation is accepted. The clearance checklist follows suit. It is also auto-created and assigned.

It’s all about ease and simplicity.

#4: Data, Data, And Data

Get insights into the organisation’s movement pulse.

HROne gives you 20+ reports shedding light on every bit of data on who all left in what time and more.

Benefits Of Workforce Management Software

  • Improves employee experience and leads to better employee retention
  • Standardises processes so that employees in a job profile have the same experience
  • It saves time and eliminates mistakes
  • Integrates various departments to reduce juggling from one department to another
  • Get insights on bad hires and a lot more
  • It saves you operational costs!

How Can HROne Help You With Workforce Management Software?

  • Set the entire employee lifecycle on auto-pilot
  • Make comprehensive checklists for onboarding, clearance, and BGV
  • Draft letters in a flash using letter templates
  • Define workflows encompassing various departments and put an end to juggling.
  • Get 20+ reports
  • Reduces dependency on HR by allocating roles to task owners

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HROne helps you save time on operational tasks so that it can be invested in meaningful interactions!

Want to know more? Book a free demo!

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