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Many have found themselves way behind on their workout regimens, with the past couple of months have wreaked havoc on daily routines. It could be demotivating, as it may feel as though months of hard work has been negated due to many countries plunging their residents into strict lockdowns. Factors such as a lack of space, lack of equipment, and more severe issues such as no motivation or even anxiety and depression weaving their way into everyday life have been challenging to focus on yourself. However, numerous countries are easing their way back to everyday life, and this for many may mean a clean slate to start over with their fitness dreams and goals! But it is better to make sure one has everything one needs to get back on the ground running! From the essential equipment to adequate men and women’s activewear, read on to refresh your memory on workout necessities.

The right clothing

It is so essential to work out wearing the right sort of clothing. The main goal here is to ensure flexibility, mobility, comfort and support. For some, this may look like just a simple pair of shorts and a sports bra. Others may be more comfortable in leggings and a flowy tank top. It, however, also depends on the type, intensity and demands of each workout. However, when it comes to women’s activewear, the basics are stretchy leggings, comfortable and breathable tank tops, well-supporting sports bras, maybe cycling shorts or even yoga pants, if preferred.

If one wants to work out trendy, then the latest trends to keep in mind include matching sets/ monochrome outfits, including leggings, a top/ sports bra, and a windbreaker, all in the same colour or prints. Pastels are also trendy right now, as are coordinated sweats as a chic, Instagram-worthy look post-workout.


Many choose to work out wearing shoes, especially in a gym or a public space. In this case, running or walking shoes that ensure stability, comfort and balance would be the most relevant. It wouldn’t also hurt to have them match colours to your workout gear – to complete the look!

However, many who work out at home or indulge in physical activity such as yoga, pilates etc., might prefer being barefoot. Remember, this is the best option for more stretching-centred activities and not the appropriate choice for more intense workouts such as weightlifting or CrossFit.

Other accessories

While this depends from person to person, they are still basics from which many can find inspiration. The first and most important one, however, is having enough fluids, preferably water. Always keep a filled water bottle while working out, as it is so important to replenish your liquids as you sweat.

Another thing would be a yoga mat – those who work out at home may not be accustomed to using suitable mats. Regular carpets or mats in households may not suffice. Having a soft, thick yoga mat is so important to prevent any injuries or discomfort while exercising.

The third thing would be apps, watches or timers. Many find it helpful to monitor their heart rates, steps, calories etc., constantly. If not ready to invest in a Fitbit, numerous Play Store/ AppStore apps can help. Seeing these stats after a particularly gruelling workout can be an incredible motivation booster and very gratifying.

Finally, music! For many, having the right playlist is key to a successful and productive workout. Whether this includes intense, bass-heavy tracks or a more rock/ rap centred music lineup, having music and the right kind of device – headphones, earphones, AirPods, speakers etc. require some thought. Music can help one focus and get into the mindset, and it can also help set the environment for a good workout.

So take the time out to cross-check if you’ve got everything you need to get back into working out again, and remember, when you feel like quitting, think about why you started. Go, get that dream body!

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