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Some methods help you write a strong thesis. It is usually done by studying the process and creating an effective system when writing the thesis. 

Below are some tips to help write that string thesis in a short time. Enjoy the list from https://www.thesishelpers.com/

 Understand the questions that you are asking

When writing your thesis, you need to understand your hypothesis. What questions are you asking in your thesis? It may seem obvious, but many students fail to define their hypothesis. 

Can you summarize your thesis in a sentence? 

If you cannot, you can ask for help from your supervisor. It is best to know what question is being asked in your thesis. The probability of the question evolving is there. But having clarity on purpose helps in your research being efficient.

  • Have the thesis broken down into stages

The whole process of writing a thesis is well-defined stages. Each stage varies from the other. It is dependent on the field of your thesis. But generally, the stages are usually: First draft, Idea collection, second draft, editing and analysis of data, third draft, and then polishing. 

The first draft helps you collect ideas. These ideas need not be defined. You just want to get many ideas on paper. These ideas are judgment-free, with no editing or formatting of the document. This process helps you get more creative. It also helps overcome the fear of imperfection that holds you back from beginning our thesis.

The second draft includes editing and analysis. Here you need to be more thorough in writing and editing. This stage’s goal is to produce a clear manuscript with a good flow of arguments. This manuscript is to get submitted for review by your supervisor. 

In the final draft, you need to polish your thesis from the feedback given by supervisors. Polish this document till it is ready for submission.

  • Don’t over-rely on the academic advisor.

Relying on your academic advisors for all the answers can be counterproductive. Different academic advisors have different shortcomings. Some are too busy to help you properly, other micromanagers. Some are just bad mentors, generally. 

Another thing to note is that the thesis is yours and not the advisors. The advisor’s role is to be your mentor through the process. The advisor wants you to be an independent researcher. Although your mentor can be a bad mentor, have the wisdom to know how to go through the process together to ensure that you graduate.

  • Nobody feels like writing their thesis.

Many students procrastinate writing because they do not feel like writing. Even famous authors go through this. But this does not make you different. To overcome this, just start writing. You do not have to wait for motivation or inspiration; you can go and look for it.

  • You don’t have to write your thesis in order.

To avoid agonizing block when writing, it is better to stick to the outline of your thesis. Some sections of your thesis are difficult, and if you get to those sections, you can skip them. You already have an outline. You can create an abstract once done writing.

  • Have a clear plan

Break down your thesis when setting your calendar and deadlines. Not having a clear plan can lead you to waste valuable time. Having a clear plan helps in allocating your time wisely, and this leads to measurable progress.

  • Write in short bursts.

Writing in short bursts can be more efficient than writing in a long-extended time.

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