Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Every investor has to start somewhere. To assist investors with their financial planning needs, a variety of digital apps such as stock market apps, tax-saving tools, and investment apps have arisen. This new trend is indicating young investors’ desire to save, invest, and learn about new investment opportunities. Investment applications provide low fees and allow traders and investors to trade and invest on the go.

How Can a SIP App Help You in Investing?

Easy To Use SIP Apps

Apps for investing and managing money are created with the user in mind. You may start investing in minutes after setting up your account. Hence, simplicity in investing is the key to a robust SIP app. From signup to KYC, the process is very simple, seamless, quick and paperless. KYC has always been a troublesome activity for investors. Not any more. With SIP apps you can complete KYC online without submitting a hardcopy of any document. Moreover, on successful KYC, you can easily make your first investment instantly without any delay in a few clicks.

Develop the habit of Investing

The main aim of a SIP is to instil a habit of savings and investment within its investors. A SIP app hand holds an investor through their investment journey. The SIP app allows you to set up an automated mandate that invests on your behalf without your involvement. You can easily set up this mandate with a few clicks and the money will be directly debited from the linked savings bank account.

Recommend Best-Suited Mutual Funds

Many investors are either unaware of which is the best mutual fund or lack the time to perform in-depth research. A SIP app recommends funds that are best suited for your investment objectives and risk tolerance. This way you can select the funds as a basket of best-suited funds. Moreover, many apps also represent the ranking a fund receives on different trusted research websites. So, whether you’re saving for future education or early retirement, all you have to do is choose from recommended mutual fund baskets that are ready to invest financial tools to help you achieve your objectives. You can invest for the long term with a Systematic Investment Plan [SIP] and develop wealth through long-term SIP contributions to best suited funds.

Track Your Investments

Track your investments, their progress, dividends, and capital gains with a single app. These apps provide a dashboard wherein you can easily review performance and build insights. A SIP app helps you in managing your portfolio of SIPs. Moreover, you can redeem your investments instantly and get the capital gain statement. The capital gain statement helps you in calculating the tax payable and filing your income tax returns. This way an investor saves time on calculating themselves. 

Educate its Investors

A long term view for any investor is to educate themselves about their objectives, manage portfolios, allocate assets according to their risk tolerance and understand each category of mutual funds. A SIP app helps an investor in educating themselves about mutual funds with their guides, know-hows, content, one-to-one support, and news updates. In times like COVID-19, SIP apps help its investors in knowing how to react to market fluctuations and manage their portfolios.


Start your investments now with a SIP app that fulfils these requirements. Start small with SIP as low as Rs 500 per month. It is imperative that you understand the importance of investing and creating a corpus to fund your future financial needs. Before investing, you must thoroughly research which SIP app is best for you, which scheme is best for you according to your investment objectives, and then start investing.

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