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Holiday Lights

Everyone loves to look at bright, multi-colored, twinkling lights on houses every Christmas. Families drive around different neighborhoods to look at them. Some have the same exciting scenery and others change it up every year. Some neighborhood associations will have contests for the best Christmas lights, giving that homeowner a sign for the yard and a write up on the Facebook page with a picture.

And maybe you’re a homeowner that has yearned to participate. But getting those bright, multi-colored, twinkling lights and LED icicles hung up, along with a Santa and his sleigh on the roof, just isn’t possible. Luckily for you, there is a holiday lighting service available all over the country today! No need for you to worry about climbing a ladder or sliding off the roof. Today, there are professional companies that will do that ladder climbing and light hanging for you.

And even better, these commercial holiday lighting services will furnish the decorations, including the lights and the Santa, for a small fee. You won’t have to go buy the bright and multi-colored lights and decorations, you can simply rent theirs. They will come to install them and they will return after the holidays to disassemble them. Then they will take it all away and they store it so you don’t have to.  How much easier can this get?

So, what all do these a holiday lighting service companies offer? Here is a list of the things that they offer and things you should confirm before hiring one:

1). What will this cost?

For any homeowner, this is a major concern. Pricing varies from city to city, state to state, even from neighborhood to neighborhood. And the pricing will depend on what you want to pay to have the best Christmas lights in your neighborhood. When it comes to holiday lighting, more is not always best either – it will depend on the size of your home and your yard. Sometimes, simple white lighting is sufficient and other times, a larger house with a larger yard, you want as many bells and whistles as possible.

Pricing will be based on how many strands of lights and additional decorative items you want. If you want music with animated holiday figures, that will cost you more than having strands of light across the roofline. If you want a Santa, his sleigh, and reindeer upon the roof, that will cost you even more. And how big and tall are your trees and shrubs will factor into the pricing as well.

2). The Sooner You Schedule The Better

A commercial holiday lighting service will want to look at the size of your home and yard, get an idea of what you want, and discuss what they have to offer before they provide a quote. Never wait later than the first of November to get a quote and get your house on their schedule before Thanksgiving. The sooner you can book your house, the better the price will be, and you’ll have a better guarantee of it being completed in time. ,

3). Your or Their Decorations

Holiday lighting services usually have two options. They will use yours or you can lease theirs for the holiday period. Either way, they will install them and remove them. A bonus to using theirs is they will be responsible for the decorations and lights to be in good working order. If a commercial holiday lighting service uses your lights, they may request you sign a waiver removing them from any responsibility of issues and problems. Some companies do not offer the option of using theirs because of the liability factor.

4). Length of Time Decorations and Lights Are Left Up

You can get your holiday lights installed as early as September, but if you’re leasing their equipment and lights, the later you wait the less expensive it will be. Either way, the commercial holiday lighting service will have room to schedule removing your decorations and lights in January. This doesn’t mean the lights are constantly on during this time – you can request the company install a timer.

5). How Are The Lights Installed?

The best Christmas light installers will have all the equipment and tools needed to do the job right, such as ladders, motorized lifts, clips, and hangers.

Additional Issues To Consider When Hiring a Holiday lighting service

Never pay to have your lights without a written estimate that states all the factors involved. Ask for proof of liability workmen’s compensation insurance. Inquire what their policy is on service calls while the lights are installed and make sure are using commercial quality products, including GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupters).

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