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An older home is very charming and filled with character. However, even if most materials do last for a very long time, with plumbing systems, things are different. You do not want to buy a home and end up faced with serious plumbing problems because they can be very expensive to fix. With this in mind, here are some of the plumbing basic checks you have to go through before you agree to buy a house. 

Check The Sewer Line

This is by far the most important thing that you have to do. You need to find out more about the sewer line and only a professional can get this done. The plumber will usually run a camera through the sewer line to look for potential problems. This includes clogs, corrosion, or tree roots. All of these can destroy the pipe. 

Check The Water Heater

What is particularly important is to check the age of the water heater. Usually, such a fixture lasts a minimum of 10 years. When its age is older, there is a very high possibility that you will need to replace it after you move in. Also, analyze the location of the heater so you can identify potentially serious problems in the event that a leak happens. 

Analyze The Toilets

Most interested buyers want to check the toilets but they just look at them from a distance. Do not make this mistake. Instead, look for leaks present at the base. When these are seen, significant damage will soon appear. The leak has to be sealed but this can make the problem even worse. Check for discolouration present at warping or base and flush every single toilet to be sure there is no clog present. 

Analyze Water Supply Pipes

When you look at water supply pipes, here are some things to consider:

  • Determine pipe age and see if some have to be replaced. 
  • Look at the material that the pipes are made out of. If they are plastic or copper, they were at one point replaced. 
  • When the water pipes are made out of galvanized steel, you will have to eventually replace them because they are most likely old. Check for the presence of smaller holes as they might be rust. 
  • If the water pipes are made out of different materials, it usually means that minimal repairs were done in the past and there is a high possibility that replacements might be needed. 
  • When pipes are made out of cast iron, they have to be replaced since leaks, corrosion, or mineral build-ups are common. 
  • Any water pipe made out of polybutylene has to be replaced, just like all lead pipes. 

Test Water Pressure

In order to do this, the best option is to turn on absolutely all the faucets at the same time. This shows you if there is enough water pressure. Do not forget about the shower and if you see water pressure is low, there is a very good possibility you will need to replace pipes to get the water pressure you need.

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