Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
Outdoor Basketball Hoop

Basketball can be very fun if you play it with a good team. They know the way you move and what kind of tactics you will use to score points into the opponent’s hoop. However, no matter how good your team is, without a proper hoop, playing basketball cannot be as fun as it should. That’s why you must choose a good basketball hoop that is durable and also suits where you play the game. However, when you read reviews of outdoor hoops, of course, you need to know the pros and cons of them so you can buy the one that suits you the most.

First of all, you need to remember that playing basketball outside means that the equipment that stays thereafter the game ends will be exposed to the outdoor elements such as hard rain, extreme heat, and also snow. When it happens, you don’t want to buy a hoop with weak materials. Fortunately, most outdoor hoops with good quality are made of materials with weather-resistant properties. This way, even if you leave the hoop outside for quite a long time, it will stay durable. However, you still need to maintain it periodically so the hoop can last for a very long time.

Then, outdoor basketball hoops are generally more durable against impacts. They can take more and heavier impacts compared to indoor hoops, the manufacturers expect outdoor hoops to face more impact other than the ones from balls and slam dunks. You can expect that strong wind might carry debris sometimes, so some of them might hit the hoop when the weather is bad. Furthermore, if your basketball court location is surrounded by big trees, some of their branches might fall onto the hoop. Then, accidents might happen when you move the hoop from one place to another, so having better durability is a must for outdoor hoops.

Aside from that, aesthetics can be quite important too for basketball, so the equipment looks cool when you play the game with your friends. As you can expect, popular sports make a lot of people consider it cool, so maintaining the look of your hoop is also necessary. Fortunately, outdoor hoops are painted with exterior paints, so the color will not fade easily. The color can also withstand extreme weather and temperature, so you can expect it to look cool and elegant for a long time even if you leave it outside. However, you must clean it from time to time so it looks cool for as long as it could.

As for the outdoor hoop’s downside, its height adjustment is more limited than the indoor ones. You can expect that most outdoor hoops come with adjustable height, however, unlike the indoor ones that just need to be attached to walls, the outdoor ones have fixed limits on how high or how low they can be set up. Therefore, you must think of how high or how low you want to play basketball with your team before you decide to buy one. This can be even more concerning for kids who are yet to be as tall as adults.

Furthermore, it’s quite heavy to be moved from one place to another. For safety, you should move it with some other people carefully so the entire body of the hoop will not tilt and fall to one side which might result in someone gets injured.


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