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Thailand is known for its incredible beaches, amazing architecture, sparkling temples, mouth-watering food, and its laid-back way of life makes it one of the dream destinations for travellers. There are few essential tips that you should remember while booking your Thailand packages.

Check the weather

Thailand is bestowed with a pleasing weather which is never extremely hot, while on the islands, you will find cool breeze always. Pleasant tropical climate is one of the major reasons for travellers to book Thailand packages. It is recommended to carry light rain jackets in your backpack always because it can rain unexpectedly even in the dry seasons.

Best time to Visit

Thailand is beautiful throughout the year. However, there are some heavy rain showers in the rainy season which makes it a tough task for travellers to explore the land. The official rainy season in Thailand is between July till October. If you want to enjoy perfect picturesque site of the land, then it is advisable to visit between December till April.


A passport that is valid for next 6 months on arrival is mandatory. Visa is required and most of the Western countries get a visa on arrival which allow them a stay permit of up to 30 days. Overstaying is not recommended, however if you want to extend your visit by one or two day, you can pay a fine of 500 THB ($16) per day. Once you will pay the amount, you will get stamps in your passport and extend your visit. But if you want to plan a trip of more than a month it is recommended to apply for a 2-month tourist visa at any embassy instead of paying the fine.

Carry Sufficient cash

Thailand is one of the cash-based society, so it doesn’t make sense to head towards market with a credit card. The local restaurants, markets, small accommodations and many other attractions accept cash only. ATMs are easily available except in the remote islands, so carry sufficient cash if you are heading towards such locations. Also, don’t forget to keep some change or coins for low value purchases because taxi drivers or many other small stores doesn’t have much change.

Get a local Sim card

It’s a good idea to get the sim card. You will easily get the sim along with a tourist package for 40 days that ranges between $15 – $25! and gives you 3 or 6 GB data. The wi-fi is easily available in most of the hotels, restaurants, bars, as well as shops still it’s a good idea to buy the local sim card to remain connected with your loved ones.

Try Delicious street food

Thailand is famous for some of the best street food in the whole world. Don’t miss the plate full of Phad Thai, sticky rice, mango and Tom Yum Goong, it will not even cost you much. While ordering the Thai food, remember they are delicious but very spicy, so be careful and ask them to keep it mild or less spicy.

Avoid tap water

Remember to remain healthy while on your trip so that you can enjoy the trip properly. Thailand’s tap water is not safe for drink, so it’s better to pack a reusable water bottle and fill up at your hotel or at water dispensers in the street. Even avoid eating fruits or vegetables washed with tap water. These are the reasons how lot of people get sick during their trip to Thailand.

Don’t miss the lovely Islands

Some of the famous destination in Thailand are Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, and Koh Pha Ngan, they are all country’s islands in the south. Along with these famous islands, there are ample number of lesser known or unspoiled gems to explore. If you are a solitude seeker than these islands are for you but be strategic about your island-hopping itinerary and research in advance or go for the ferry system.

Respect the culture

Whenever you plan a trip to any other country, the basic thing to remember is respect their culture and their people. Never shout or argue with local, it will take you nowhere. When you are in Thailand, remember it’s an offense to speak negatively about royal family and If you’re caught criticizing the monarchy, you can find yourself in jail. Also, avoid touching a Thai person on their head as it is considered rude and offensive because they consider head as the most important part of the body.

Dress appropriately

The people are very open about dressing when you are in an area that see lot of tourists, but if you are heading towards rural areas you should dress modestly to avoid creating embarrassing situation for both yourself as well as locals. Also, in many cultural sites you won’t be allowed inside if you are improperly dressed. To visit temples, major museums, or any such sites, it is recommended to wear clothes that cover your shoulders and reach to at least your knees. You can carry sarong or scarf, they will come up as a great help in covering your shoulders and wear as a wrap-around scarf. Don’t forget, beach wears are for beaches only. Do think about your dressing choice whenever you are in Thailand

Show some negotiating skills

You will definitely go for shopping when you are in Thailand and without visiting the local markets your shopping spree is incomplete. When you are in local market, haggling is common and it’s the perfect time to show some negotiation skills, if you want to get the best souvenirs for friends and family that too in best price. Not only in the markets, your good negotiation skill can also help you in getting best deals on tours, activities, and even accommodation. When little bit of discussion can lead to the agreeable price, there is no harm in negotiating.

There are few basic things to remember while packing your bags for Thailand and after reading these tips, you must have realised how easy it is to travel to Thailand.


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