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When you are an athlete or fitness freak, the last thing you will like lacking is keeping your breasts stay put and not paying any attention to your breast health.

Then that means you are in total need of a good quality high support sports bra. However, what are sports bras and how are they different from other bras may be your concern. That’s why here is a complete blog to guide you about sports bra for girls and women.

Sports Bra- they are specially designed bras for heavy physical activities like sports and exercise.

They are made to provide extra support to your breasts, control breast movement, and handle moisture. This bra helps in avoiding any sagging or injury caused during physical activities.

The sports bra is quite different from regular bras, the former gives support to the breast and helps them move and bounce irregularly, but the latter only acts as opposed to gravity.

The sports bra is also a little high-end; they are made from comfortable fabrics like microfiber and terry lining, which has moisture-wicking properties in them. These bras are perfectly designed, so they cause no chaffing or pain.

The Different Impact Levels of Sports Bras

Many types of sports bra available are ideal for wearing while doing any sports with impact level placed at low, medium, and high.


  • High Impact 


These best high-impact sports bras are explicitly designed to help you provide extra support and protection when performing higher levels of running, aerobics, dancing, and racquet sports.


  • Medium Impact 


You can wear these types of bras when performing a moderate level of performance-based activities like hiking, cycling, brisk walking, gymnastic etc.

  • Low Impact 

These bras are best worn when you are doing yoga, Pilates and stretching, which involves moving slowly and comfortably.

Get the Right Sports Bra Fit

  • While choosing your sports bra, the most important thing is to buy them right.
  • Always choose one which fits you properly, not lose or not too tight.
  • To get the right size, you should get your measurements done correctly. 

Start by grabbing an inch of tape, then measure yourself just below the breast to the get size. Then measure the breast area. It will help you find your cup size. While measuring, you should be wearing a properly sized bra to give you your correct size.

When you know your size, you can buy the best girls or womens sports bra. You can buy them from any online or offline stores. You can choose from a wide range of sports bra styles like pullover, back clasp, racerback, crisscross back, encapsulation sports bra and compression sports bra. So, get yourself the right size and the right type of sports bra.

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