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your Zakat for orphans

zakat is an essential pillar of Islam. Zakat is a fixed portion of wealth, and this contribution is reserved for the needy and orphans. So sometimes our Zakat can’t help them, so Kort took the initiative to use your Zakat at the right place. Pay zakat is our religious job, so we do it with our hearts. So kort understands the value of Zakat and uses it properly.


Where we use your Zakat

kort use your Zakat to arrange the best education facilities for the poor and orphans. As they have lost many things in life, nothing can compensate for the loss of parents. So we only can bring them back to life. So we fulfill their needs with the help of your Zakat.


Studies of orphans

We have open schools and colleges for the poor and orphans. So we are making their life together. So you know we can’t do it alone we need your help. We will make them able to have a bright future.


Other basic needs of orphans

Your Zakat is used for the welfare of orphans and needy people. Our religion wants us to help others who can’t do it. Zakat is an important part of Islam to purify our wealth and the second benefit is the needy personals can’t get the basics of life. Kort collects  Zakat and uses it to fulfill the basic needs of orphans. We provide them healthy and hygienic food, clothes, and books, in short, all the necessities.


Initiative to make the skilled persons

Except for parents, disabled people are a problem for all, but we don’t think so. We think that they are unique persons, so they also have the equal right to life opportunities. So we use your contribution to make them skilled. We want them to live their life independently and make their world.


Some imports things that you must know


Who needs to pay Zakat?

Every Muslim who has to reach puberty and have a healthy mind is eligible to pay the Zakat. Zakat is payable on wealth, so if you are able to pay, you can check our official websites. All the information about zakat charity is available with an explanation.


When should Zakat pay?

One a Muslim reaches the nisab in a lunar year. Then Zakat is due on his wealth.


 How much are the nisab limits?

Zakat is deductible at the present rate of 612 grams of silver. This can be calculated easily. You can go to the jeweler’s shop and ask them about the current rate and up-to-date valuation. If your holding exceeds this amount, Zakat is payable on your wealth.



Every Muslim pays Zakat and wants this amount to be used for good deeds. So you can contribute your Zakat with us, we use your Zakat at the right place. For more information, you can contact us. We guide you about Zakat and charity. So we are on the way to serving humanity. We can hold hands together to give them new life.

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