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What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts is the new TikTok or, if you prefer, Instagram Reels. Anything from dance challenges, funny moments or starting new trends can be shot and shared on YouTube Shorts.

YouTube rolled out shorts in the US on March 18, 2021. Since then, it has been made available in over 100 countries. With a 100 million creator fund allotted for 2021 and 2022, it has taken the short video market by storm.

Since Google owns YouTube, you can very well imagine the heights of success that this platform is going to achieve. Every brand and influencer will sooner or later be switching to this platform. There will simply be no alternative.

But just because the format is short, it doesn’t mean that the effort to create these incredible videos should be small. Top companies spend millions of dollars to create 15-second commercials. The quality of a video can be exponentially improved by using an affordable online video editor like Typito.

Key features of YouTube Shorts

  • A multi-segment camera, which can line up multiple clips.
  • A large library of songs, which will keep increasing.
  • Speed controls for optimized viewership.
  • Countdown and timer to record hands-free.

Where do you see YouTube Shorts?

  • On the YouTube page.
  • In your notifications.
  • By checking your Subscriptions.
  • Featured on your YouTube channel page.

Tips for YouTube Shorts creation

While the creation process is almost the same as Reels and TikTok, there are some additional advantages to creating with YouTube Shorts. Any YouTube video which is not copyrighted can be used as an audio source to create a YouTube short. Publishing Shorts also increases the discoverability of your overall content on YouTube.

Here are some tips to help you make great YouTube Shorts

  1. Create content that’s concise, even if that means it’s shorter than 60 seconds. Edit ruthlessly and remove any content that does not add value.
  2. Ensure that the short is either thoroughly entertaining or informative.
  3. A great video editing tip is to create customized thumbnails that grab attention.
  4. Include titles by adding text to video online.
  5. Create YouTube Stories to showcase your Shorts and increase views.
  6. Have a consistent style so that viewers remember your work.

Use text animation templates to create YouTube shorts

The key to creating neat and professional YouTube Shorts is using an online video editor. Choose from the largest range of text animation templates to make your content easier to understand and remember.

Motion text and graphics can create a really good impression on your viewers and retain their attention. If the script demands, they can also be great tools for storytelling.

Text animations can be used to highlight the critical parts of the script and give out key information. They are easy to use and great to watch. An easy video maker allows you to put text animations in your video at a fraction of the cost you would pay to a graphic designer.

Use video templates and promote your marketing ideas

The best YouTube Shorts creators have invested a lot of time and money in setting up their production studio. They have to get everything perfect, from lighting, props and background to a host of other decisions like casting and post-production.

But you can easily choose from hundreds of ready-to-use video templates and save on these costs. These templates are designed as per the need of each industry.

For example, healthcare video marketing needs to be informative and have an authoritative as well as a reassuring tone of voice. Sports video editors need racy templates with quick transitions between shots. Real estate ads require walkthrough videos or drone shots.

Using such templates to create YouTube Shorts will give it a professional look and garner views, likes and subscribers.

Repurpose your Instagram Reels, TikTok and other short video content

It’s always a good idea to repurpose your existing short video content, or in fact, any video content you may have created.

There are many ways to repurpose your content using video editing tools. You can add text to video online along with motion text, graphics and sound. Mix and match the sequence of clips to make it more interesting. This way, it comes across as original, fresh and creative.

A good way to start repurposing is by choosing the videos which already got the maximum user engagement on other social media platforms. These can then be broken up into smaller clips, mixed up and overlaid with text, graphics and sound.

This will also give your subscribers from other social media platforms a reason to follow you on YouTube as well. Instead of investing resources in creating more content, use the content you have already created and edited, and share it widely for greater impact.

Key advantages of repurposing video content

  • Get an SEO boost, especially if you have added titles and video transcription by using captioning software.
  • Reaching new audiences on new platforms. For example, Instagram Reels is used to target millennials, Pinterest is used to target women, and LinkedIn is used to target working professionals.
  • Reinforces the brand message: The rule of seven, a marketing rule, states that a user needs to listen to your message at least seven times before they can decide to purchase. Repurposing is a great way to ensure video content regularly reinforces your brand message.


Use promotional advertising ideas to create YouTube Shorts

Whether it’s a special discount on Christmas or a box of candies on Halloween, brands should always be on the lookout for contextual opportunities to promote their products and services.

Video ads get the maximum traction during public holidays, festivals, and sports events. For example, companies advertise during the Super Bowl because more than 100 million people watch it.

YouTube Shorts is a great platform to increase awareness about your brand. As it is a new platform, you can start early and gather a following here. Very soon, it is expected to have all the features present on other social media platforms like converting posts into ads, shoppable videos, etc.

Use video editing to create the right structure

Just because it is a new platform, it does not mean that you have to do anything radically different from what you were doing on other short video platforms. The basics of making a short video remain the same.

The video should have an attention grabbing intro, followed by the main content, and should have a CTA in the end in terms of liking, sharing and subscribing.

A product video can give out details about features, benefits and pricing. A service video can give out data relating to the benefits for clients, like simplification of tasks, etc.

The video should have some value for the viewer. It should be either entertaining or informative. If it is a product video, it should relieve a pain point and bring relief, comfort, or happiness. It can also bring about some form of pleasure and excitement, like increased savings in case of sales promotions, etc.

Gauge the success of YouTube Shorts in terms of engagement

If your YouTube Short has done well, the results will show immediately. The most-watched video on YouTube Shorts has over 400 million views. Likes, comments, shares and subscriptions are all indicators of whether your Short was a hit or miss.

When you feel that a Short is not getting a good response, you can study analytics, research, and develop new ideas and content. Nonetheless, sometimes an intuitive approach works better than a logical one. In any case, try to make your Shorts fun to watch.

The least you can offer your viewer is a good story-based video, made attractive with text animations, graphics and sound. An online video editor lets you create great videos on the go.

Listen to podcasts on video editing tips to rev up your editing game. This way, you can use video editing tools in a better manner. Never stop learning and never stop creating great video content.

Use Typito, an easy video maker for free and start making great YouTube Shorts. From happy holiday videos to marketing videos, Shorts of any kind can be edited professionally here.

Don’t wait! Try video editing for free and improve your editing skills. If you are a professional video editor, enjoy a range of high definition video templates. Let online video editing make you stand out while making YouTube Shorts.

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