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Zion David Marley Serving the Legacy of Grandfather Bob Marley

Bob Marley is the most famous name in the classical name of music. If anyone talks about Reggae, Ska, Rocksteady, and folk the term will only end with the name of Bob Marley. Marlay has given a new sky to Jaminican music to fly. Things didn’t end by the name of him, it continued with the generation. The Marley family is serving to keep their legacy alive. Here we are going to explore the legacy of the great singer Bob Marley which is continued till now by his grandson Zion David Marley. 

About Zion David Marley

The singer and songwriter zion david marley was born into the most famous family in the musical world and has denoted and gained versatile fame in the very early days of his life, by the name of his father Rohan Marley, and his grandfather Bob Marley. Even though zion david marley has driven to keep much of his personal profile in the public domain. If we see his dedication to the music he is also very devoted to playing guitar and bass. Let’s dig deep into the life journey and a complete overview of his life 

Life History of Zion David Marley

Life History of Zion David Marley

The son of famous singer and songwriter Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley, zion david marley was born the in USA on 3rd August 1997.

The mother of zion david marley, Lauryn Hillis is known as the best female rapper and is also known for her famous songs such as Turn Your Lights Down Low and Ready or Not was her famous songs.

The father also followed the legacy of his father Bob Marley and followed him by continuing in the genre of reggae. He also contributed to some entrepreneurship and former college footballer. The contribution of Rohan Marley in zion david marley parenting has a significant role. The legacy of him is visible in his son.

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Siblings of Zion David Marley

If we talk about his upbringing of him, zion brought with his siblings. zion david marley is the eldest among the five kids of Rohan Anthony and Lauryn Hill. As he is the older one he has two brothers named  Joshua Omaru and John Nesta, and two sisters named Selah and Sara zion david marley grew up with them the other has chosen another career where zion david marley stayed with the legacy of his grandfather. 

Parents of Zion David Marley

The mother of zion david marley, Lauren Hill is a very famous celebrity in the music industry his mother is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, and actress. She debuted in the music industry back in 1997 and she recorded her first solo which was her first gig and became a huge success for her.

If we talk about her musical contribution, her popular songs are Killing Me Softly, Ready or Not, and Ex-Factor. She starred in Whoopi Goldberg in a movie titled Sister Act 2 was also her contribution and became a great success.

The father of zion david marley, Rohan Anthony Marley didn’t catch up with the legacy of his father. Originally from 1972, Rohan Marley has chosen to focus on his career as a football player. Rohan Marley played football for the University of Miami’s football team, during his college days, as a former professional football player. Apart from that he was one of co-founded Marley Coffee, a farmstead specializing in organic coffee.

Who is the wife of Zion David Marley?

If we look at the records and the status of his relationship he has been through multiple relationships, however, zion david marley is not married yet. His name is connected with multiple relationships. The serious relationship of zion david marley is considered with Tania.

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Kids of Zion David Marley

Together they both have 2 kids, the first kid’s name is Zephaniah Nesta Marley, who was birth in February 2017 and the second kid arrived in their life in March 2021 the name of Azariah Genesis Marley.

Zion David Marley Net Worth

He has created his career in the music industry and made his way in the same genre which has been followed by his grandfather. He also established his career in the field of modeling however, his grand appearance has not been noted with any of the brands. From the multiple sources of income zion david marley net worth is approximately $1.5 million 

How Bob Marley Died?

Marley got an injury in his foot back in 1977, which became acral lentiginous melanoma which is a form of skin cancer. The doctors suggested that his toe had to be amputated. As a Rastafarian, Marley refused the amputation because this procedure was a sin as per his religious belives. 

The last words of Bob Marley

11th of May 1981 was a day which took the breath of Bob Marky at the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Miami. In the last moment of his life, his son Zion was with him and he said to him money can’t buy life. The last ride of him was followed in Jamaica. 

Social Profile of Zion David Marley

The singer and songwriter is not so active on his social media profiles. If we look over the social media journey of him. He doesn’t share a lot on his official Instagram account as well is another account of him is also can identified where multiple pictures of him and his son can be identified. 

Summing Up

The grandson of Bob Marley and the son of Rohan Marley has followed the family legacy. Born in back 1997 and raised in the USA. He has a great influence on music, as her mother was a famous female rapper and his father belongs to the musical family. zion david marley hasn’t married yet however, he has two kids with her girlfriend Tania he was dating her before 2017.

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