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google and youtube launching child filter option for child security

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Today’s kids are growing up with websites like YouTube. Certain parents saw no problem in that, finally offered Google and Co.
a child filter. If this is turned on, there is no obscene content. At the beginning of the week, “BuzzFeed” found out that the developers of the filter apparently did not think about autocompletion.

If you search for the English words “How to have …”, you would get sentences like “How to have sex with your children” for
some inexplicable reason. Although such search terms have no place even when the child filter is switched off. Nevertheless,
the report caused many parents a great indignation.

“BuzzFeed” suggested that these suggestions are based on the frequency of search terms. Some Twitter users expressed the
suspicion that a group was even systematically looking for such sensitive phrases to bring phrases like “How to have sex with
their children” to the completion function.

Google was forced on Monday evening to apologize for this “deeply worrying” search engine bug. “We responded immediately and
fixed the error,” the company wrote in a statement.

The incident once again showed that parents can not rely on the internet. Months ago, for example, the British newspaper “The
Times” reported that countless pedophiles commented on children’s videos with clearly sexual slogans. Companies like «Mars»
or «Adidas» stopped their ads on Youtube. (PMA)

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