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10 best unseen features of gmail you should use while using gmail

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10 most powerful and best features of gmail 2017

Gmail is increasingly being used, we are going to tell you some of the special features of Gmail today. by using this features
you can do great stuff in gmail . if i am no wrong You may hardly know about these features of Gmail.

1: Unsend messages: With this feature you can unsend someone sent email. That means your mail will not reach the receiver. For
this, just go to the settings of your Gmail and enable UNDO SEND. There is a condition in it that you can take a time of 5
seconds to 30 seconds unsend the email . This means that after 30 seconds of sending mail , you can use this feature
UNDO. Mail can not be deleted after this.

2 : Colorful stars: In Gmail you can use yellow, red, blue, green, star. For this go to Gmail’s settings. Scroll down a bit so
you will get a section of the star below. there you can select the color of the star.

3: Search properly: If you want to search an old mail then there is facility for Gmail too. If you want to see some time mail,
there is convenience for that too. If you want to see the mail of a particular subject then there is convenience too. To do
this, click on the arrow in the search bar above Gmail. There you will find all these options.

4:Add other accounts: If you use several email accounts, then you will have to look at different accounts openly, but in the
Gmail app, you can keep multiple email accounts such as Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, Office 365 etc. in one place. Can. For this
you will not need to put many apps in your phone.

5: Block annoying people: If you do not want to get someone’s mail received, you can block it. If you want to block, then go to
a mail from its side. At the top, click on the arrow mark coming for reply. Here the block option will be coming to the eighth
position. You can block by clicking on it.

6:Unsubscribe from unwanted emails:if
You are getting hundreds of emails in the inbox everyday, and many of these will be deleted without reading it or you will be
left in the inbox without having to open it. It is best to unsubscribe such emails in a timely manner. You will be shown next
to the ID received from the ID, or the unsubscribe written in the bottom of the email, and clicking on it you can unsubscribe

7:Is your email reading by someonelse ?:If such a doubt arises in your mind, then immediately check your ‘Last Account Activity’.
At the bottom of the Inbox view, you will see the option of ‘Last account activity’ in small text and you can get information

8:default reply all: It is most bad to resend a mail again. If you are part of a lot of mass mail then you can default to ‘reply
all’. All you have to do is fill in ‘Settings’ and select ‘Reply All’ in ‘Reply Behavior’.

read your gmail offline:The Gmail feature, which is underestimated, is Gmail offline. This is Chrome’s extension that gives you
the convenience of read, respond, search and mail archives without internet connection. For this, you have to go to settings
and go to the Gmail Offline tab. You need to download the email before being offline via the extension sync. And do not worry –
these extensions will not replace at all in your hard drive.

9:Essential keyboard shortcuts:
If you have not enabled keyboard shortcuts, go to settings, turn on keyboard shortcuts in the General tab. After enabling it
once, you press a letter to simplify every task.
For old messages
For new messages
Archive e
Shift + # for trash
To type in the search bar /
Reply to all
For indivisual reply

10:Schedule an email or send it later:

Are you preparing such a mail that the recipient will not be able to read it now? You can schedule your email by downloading the
Boomerang Gmail Plug-in. You can also choose a specific time to send messages. Boomerang can also send messages to your inbox
when you want to read it.

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