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you’re trying harder to manage your WordPress websites perfectly, looking for the most appropriate plugins is something really important.  In order to attain the best search engine ranks, there are numerous SEO plugins that WordPress provides. Rich with excellent features, these plugins will let you improve the prevailing SEO potential of your website.

Well, just the availability of the plugins is not enough to bring on the best results. You also need to ensure that you’ve picked up the most appropriate plugin and do up its installation correctly. This discussion is going to be more about getting the most suitable plugin as per your requirements.

Best WordPress SEO Plugins

You may easily find hundreds and thousands of WordPress plugins that could serve your purpose well enough. However, when you’re striving to achieve the best results, using the best elements should be considered. Listed below are the top most plugins that could helps improving search engine rankings for your WordPress website:

WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is one among the most popular SEO plugins available with WordPress. Rated 4.7 out of 5, this plugin scans your content to make out whether it is SEO optimized. It also avails you with suggestions that can make things even better. This subsequently improves the performance of your website. Yoast is very easy to use. All you need to do is provide a focus keyword for your content and the plugin will check the article to see if it’s appropriate. This is a free plugin which is the greatest benefit it brings along.

SEO by Squirly


SEO Squirly has been designed especially for people who are not experts in SEO. This plugin would help you compose content that can boost up rankings of your website. It focuses on creating content that is easy to read and understand.  It provides appropriate suggestions for titles based on the keywords being used. This plugin also analyses the weekly progress of your website. Rated 4.5 out of 5, this plugin also provides visual incentives.

All in One SEO Pack

Just as its name guides, this plugin brings up everything that could help in improving the search engine ranking of your website. The plugin helps with complex content analysis, editing files and blocking bad bots. It comes with several different advanced features that would be effective for improving your website’s search engine ranking. Rated 4.5 out of 5, the All in One SEO Pack can be used free and also allows a Pro Version update.

Broken Link Checker

This one is a simple yet powerful plugin that will continually can your WordPress website for any broken links. With its dashboard that is easily operational, you can tackle these broken links. Broken links or 404 links prevail like dead ends for search engine spiders. It can have the worst effects on your website’s performance therefore, it is suggestible to either remove or fix such links. This plugin detects all internal and external broken links associated with the website and provides a sophisticated platform to fix those.

SEO Pressor

This is another very popular plugin among WordPress users. This one focuses on topic based rankings rather than keyword based rankings. Allured with some excellent features, this plugins gives you the entire control over how search spiders would move across your website. It suggests ways to improve the use of LSI keywords and makes your website SEO friendly, enhancing its readability. This premium WordPress plugin also checks the website for over optimization and over used keywords.

Schema Pro WordPress Plugin

The importance of implementation of schema guidelines is already known. Taking complete advantage of this easy-to-use schema markup plugin can help you attain the best visibility and search engine traffic. Also compatible with the Yoast SEO plugin, this one is a highly updated rich snippet WordPress plugin. It allows easy configuration and can be used with any new or prevailing WordPress Website. It would also bring up the knowledge graph for your website in the Google Search. The only major complain with this plugin is that it does not include SEMRUSH which is one of the most popular SEO tools.


This plugin is a collection of various WordPress tools that could save up a lot of your time from editing tasks and SEO. This plugin focuses on the bulk editing of Meta data on the website that includes posts, pages, SEO links and information. The changes incorporated by this plugin are known to relate to a real-time analysis. This plugin also includes the Breadcrumbs generator, broken link checker, and site map generator. The paid version of this plugin will let you integrate your website to the Google functionalities and metrics.

Image Compression Plugin

Images are probably an integral part of any content. Considering the fact that any blog would include at least three images, the page size would be significantly increasing. While seeking to manage the page size, this plugin is going to be a great helps. It automatically compresses new images and also provides with an option for compressing the pre-existing ones.

SEO Booster

This plugin links keywords and phrases in comments and posts with corresponding pages, tags, posts and categories within the websites. With the use of this plugin you may type in the desired keyword in the admin panel and generate internal links. As the name suggests, this plugin turns your website SEO friendly from various considerable perspectives.

SEO Optimized Images

This plugins make all your images SEO optimized by allowing the insertion of alt tags and title attributes into those. Once a pattern is rendered, the plugin automatically updates all the details, without having to implement any changes in the database. With these SEO optimized images; you can soon witness the best SEO results for your website.

While you will never be short of choices for selecting WordPress plugins, selecting the best ones is really important. Making optimum use of these plugins will help in fetching out the most suitable outcomes and returns from your WordPress website.



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