Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

YouTube is the biggest video streaming platform available on the global web. It has a massive active user pool of billions of people who share videos with each other. In the recent times, YouTube has launched a lot of cool features and the biggest feature that really went viral among the audience is the YouTube Shorts. According to some surveys, it has been clearly observed that YouTube Shorts get 50 billion views on a daily basis. Here are the 10 creative YouTube Shorts ideas to get millions of views fast:

1. Tutorials

When it comes to YouTube Shorts, tutorial videos are really a great choice for content. Although YouTube Shorts are of very less time duration, you can easily make a tutorial video and post it on YouTube. There are a lot of things that you can make your tutorial videos on. Try to make videos on things that are really good at or you have a great knowledge regarding that thing. DIY projects, art videos, tech repairs and tips are some of the most popular type of tutorial videos on YouTube.

2. Life Hacks

Going viral on YouTube is not a very easy task. You need to find the best niche that suits you. According to some surveys, it has been clearly observed that Life hacks have proved to be one of the best content ideas for YouTube Shorts. There are mainly two ways in which life hack videos can be posted as YouTube shorts. The first one includes reacting to a life hack video that has already gone viral on YouTube and the second one includes creating a new life hack video which is completely unique from those already available on this platform.

3. Quick and useful tips

Human nature is mainly based on learning and exploring. People like to learn and gain knowledge about different new aspects. You as a content creator on YouTube can easily use this amazing opportunity to give quick and helpful tips to your target audience via YouTube Shorts. Quick tip videos are very similar in nature to that of tutorials but here you have the privilege of having more space which allows you to easily experiment with the format. Try to find creative and easy solutions to complicated problems as it will be really helpful for the viewers and they will love it for sure. It can be used with a Live streaming feature, You can start streaming on your channel once a week to stay connected with your audience and generate more trust in your channel. With the help of digital promotion services, you can buy Live YT viewers

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4. Before and after

According to YouTube algorithm, Before and After videos appeal a lot to the audience. These types of videos are really soul-satisfying unlike most of the video forms. You can create transitional videos that include something going form dirty to clean or from boring and dull to beautiful. People love to see these types of transitions from before to after looks. The gap between these two points creates the hype which is really enjoyed by the audience. 

5. Motivational videos

People who are goal-oriented and are striving for success in their life needs motivation. As a YouTuber, you can easily grab this wonderful opportunity and create motivational videos that will help them to overcome their fears and worries and achieve the goals they are striving hard for. Motivational videos will help the people to stay in shape, be healthy and adopt the correct mindset. Try to boost up the confidence of the people through your videos. Your motivational videos should be as much realistic and relatable as possible so that people can easily relate to your videos without any difficulty.

6. Fun Facts 

If you are a content creator on YouTube and you are looking for some content ideas then Fun facts is really the ideal content choice for you. In these types of videos, try to expose the hidden truths and rare facts to your target audience which they have never heard before in their entire lifetime. These videos will surely make you go viral if your facts are really true. Fun facts videos are highly entertaining as they impart high level of unheard information to the general audience. There are many videos that share general known facts but still get millions of views whereas there are few videos which impart really good and unique facts but get very less views.

7. Unboxing videos

When time limit is a real constraint of your videos, unboxing videos is really a great content idea for content creators. Unboxing videos are really very simple and easy to create. You just need a new product and you can easily record it while you unbox that product. Inspite of its simplicity, unboxing videos go viral on YouTube and attract a lot of views. Try to keep your videos natural and realistic as it helps to attract more audience. 

8. Product reviews

When it comes to Youtube Shorts, making videos on product reviews is really a great idea. People love to research about the products before they finally buy it from the market. Being a YouTuber, it is the perfect opportunity for you to create videos reviewing the different products which your audience is most likely to buy. Product review videos should be kept as simple as possible and the real truths and facts about the product should be shared with your audience as over-exaggerating the positive side of the product and neglecting the negative side of it may lead to bad impression.

9. Funny videos

The best way to impress your audience is to make them smile. Try to make funny videos which will give them instant laughs. There are different types of funny videos that you can share with your audience. Trending meme videos, bloopers, skits and random funny videos can really make your videos go viral.

10. BTS videos

BTS or Behind the Scenes videos are really a great content idea for your YouTube Shorts. BTS videos help you to show the human, relatable and funny side of the channel or brand that normal people or the audience can connect with very easily. These types of videos really entertain the audience a lot.

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