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Sometimes debts become burdens and most people start to seek help. Determining the best help can be problematic since there are countless options available. With regards to the financial situation at hand, debt consolidation program would be the exact remedy to get you back on the right track. However, not every loan can be incorporated into a DPM but the following debts can be consolidated.

  • Student Loans

A lot of students take non-government loans to fund their education. However, it is never a guarantee that one gets a job after school and financial hardships set in. In such cases a consolidation regime for the debt management would be a viable option.

  • Credit card debt

This is another type of unsecured loan meaning that it qualifies for credit card debt consolidation. It is one of the main reasons why people opt for this kind of debt relief.

  • Unsecured personal loans

Unsecured loans are those which are taken without collateral.

  • Medical bill

Some medical bills cannot be consolidated with DPM but some can. Before resorting to this option, you should seek advice from a financial counselor.

  • Credit union debts

If you got an unsecured credit union loan and are struggling with repayment, you may consolidate credit card debt to find relief.

  • Auto repossession debt

Vehicles can be repossessed by pawn shops if the owners fail to repay the auto loans in due time. In such a case

  • Retail store debt

Like other credit card debts, retail store loans are eligible for DPM.

  • Gas card debt

These are loans which are facilitated at the gas stations and may be consolidated just like any other form of personal loan.

  • Cell phone bills

It is not uncommon to have past-due phone charges after using a particular service. It is possible to integrate the bills into debt management.

  • Past-due utility bills

Like the past-due phone bills, utility debts follow suit.

Make the right move

You should know that once you enter into credit card debt consolidation, your lenders should not make consultations with your credit counselors. And not every unsecured debt you owe can be incorporated into DPM. But any time you find yourself into an unaffordable debt, find help from the right credit advisors.

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