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You’ve all hit it – the piece of writing that seems to sway away all your magical and creative writing skills. Suddenly, you feel like giving a boost to your write-up and earn a worldwide recognition. Many like you’re looking forward to highlighting their online magazine or searching out for the best highlighter to promote their feature articles.

After all, who don’t want to be a good writer? Who don’t want his writing stuff earn more and more readers? This is where HighlightStory comes in handy.

Let’s discuss what an article is, and then we will highlight why HighlightStory is the way to ramp up your magazine, acquire new readers and take advantage of seasonal opportunities.

Article Definition

An article can be anything. But here an article means a piece of writing included with a magazine, newspaper, and other publication. A report, essay, story, write-up, feature, item, column, paper, study, tract to mention a few examples are some articles. One can be adept in a newspaper article, magazine article, news article, feature article, ad article, business article, and so on.

Good business writing, crafted for business purpose, helps attract and engage potential clients. If you love ad writing, you should include information and materials that can raise awareness of the products or services, attract target audience, and convince them why they should buy the particular product. The aim is to create an opportunity to sell.

No matter your expertise, HighlightStory gives you a platform to publish your story and take it before millions of potential readers.

Here’s how HighlightStory promotes your story.

Publish Your Story

We, at HighlightStory, bring to you the opportunity to publish your interesting blogs, stories, articles, news, etc. with us. Your story should just be of utmost credibility and trust.

Social Sharing

No just do we allow you to publish your story on our portal, we also empower you to share your story. Social sharing gives your stuff more coverage than what it would get at other platforms.


At HighlightStory, our professionals leave no stone unturned in giving exposure to your feature article or whatever it is. They incorporate Social Bookmarking technique to uncover your write-up. So, you can do bookmark to your story.

Post Classified

Are you fond of crafting ad copies or writing classifieds for your products? Don’t worry. We also provide you with a free portal where you can post your classified ads. No matter the kinds of business you are dealing with, our platform is open for all provided that your business is legal.

Add Social Links

What set us apart is that we allow you to add social links to your profile or enter the URLs for your specific social media channel. This help you connect with new readers.

Final Touch

HighlightStory is fully committed to bringing your story to millions of eyes. Your skills and talent are of no use if you don’t let them explore and people to know them. So, publish your story today with us and give wings to your story to earn better and quicker regeneration.

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