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10 Excellent Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Are Also Useful

If you are a parent yourself and have been through all the craziness of pregnancy and the newborn’s arrival, you might have an idea about what kind of gifts are perfect for new parents at a baby shower.

However, if you are single or have no children, then you might be confused about what to give to your friend or close family member in their baby shower. The process of picking out the perfect gift can be overwhelming and terrifying, but Sacred Bundle are here to help you choose an excellent present, so do not go into a panic mood. 

1. Baby Bassinet 

A baby bassinet is an ultimate gift you can give to a new parent. It helps in calming the baby down by gently rocking them to sleep, so the parent can do other chores or take care of themselves. 

2. Baby Care Set

A baby care set is a must-have for new parents, but they often forget to buy it. However, even if they already had it, it makes a perfect gift because there is no such thing as too many baby products. A baby care set includes baby shampoo, baby wash, baby lotion, balm, and powder. 

3. Stroller Wagon 

A stroller wagon is a large gift but certainly a must-have for parents. Wonderfold Stroller wagon makes the perfect gift for a baby shower if you are looking for a quality item. The stroller is multi-passenger as well as multi-functional. It has a UV-protected canopy and can easily travel on sandy, rocky and grassy terrain. 

4. Baby Bean Bag

If you know the baby is a fussy sleeper; then a baby bean bag is a perfect gift you can give to relieve some tension of parents. A bean bag is great because it satisfies the baby’s natural position, so it helps relax the baby. The polyester filling is also a plus point due to its softness as it helps the bean bag to mould according to the baby’s body. 

5. Electrical Nail Trimmer

Trimming the baby’s tiny nail is perhaps the most challenging part of raising a baby. Don’t believe us? Ask any parent. If you want your friend or family to have a less traumatizing and scratch-free baby-raising experience, then we suggest you give them a battery-operated nail trimmer.

This trimmer works perfectly, so you do not have to worry about hurting the baby. 

6. Car Seat 

A car seat is another amazing gift idea for a baby shower. Car seats are necessary for travelling with a baby because they provide safety and comfort to both baby and parents. You can buy a simple car seat as a gift, or if you have enough budget then, you can purchase a car seat that turns into a stroller when necessary. 

7. Self-Heating Travel Bottle

A self-heating travel bottle is an excellent gift if you know the parents are fond of travelling or camping. This bottle is a gift for both parents and the baby as they can use it to keep the milk warm during travelling or use it to keep their coffee warm during camping. All you will have to do is to fill the bottle, and it will automatically stay warm for the day. 

8. The Traveling Two-in-One Baby Crib and Bag

The travelling baby crib is another amazing idea for touristy parents. It is a two-in-one baby diaper bag and a crib. It has compartments and zip sections for storing a baby’s clothes, diapers, bottles, and other essentials. But the diaper bag also has a hidden feature, that is, a foldable baby travelling crib. 

9. Baby Monitor 

A baby monitor is a must-have for all parents as it helps to keep an eye on your baby’s activity while they are busy cooking or doing other household or office work.

If you have a higher budget, then a baby monitor is an amazing gift that your friend or family is going to love and utilize to the maximum. In the case of twin babies, there are some amazing baby video monitors available in the market with two cameras and one screen.

That can help the parent monitor both babies at one from a single screen. Also, a parent can send voice though through this monitor system.

10. Baby Photo Album 

A photo album may sound like a very basic gift idea, but trust me, it will be the most cherished one. Parents can document their child’s every milestone and keep them as a memory. If you are low on budget, then a photo album is a highly recommended gift. 

Final words:

Baby showers are among beautiful celebrations. It’s a perfect opportunity to show support to the new mother and help you prepare to welcome the new life. We hope this article has helped you to pick the most thoughtful and conventional gifts for the baby shower.

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