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We’re now approaching the end of the year, and it’s getting to that time of the year that we show love to our loved ones with gifts. If you would not like to spend thousands of dollars on gifts and still offer valuable things to your loved ones, then I’ve got simple but useful tech products you can offer your friends and family. Most people like tech products as gifts, and here are some products you would like to own, use or give out this season.

Simple, Cheap and interesting Tech Products

Bluetooth FM transmitter for car

Vont Bluetooth FM transmitter with a 1.44-inch display is a simple, cheap, and effective transmitter for cars. You can connect it to your car and receive calls while you drive, listen to music from your car radio, USB, or your memory card. You can as well connect the Bluetooth adapter to your android phones and iPhones, devices with a 3.5mm AUX audio jack, or Bluetooth enabled.

My fav feature of this device is the fast charging of my smartphone. It already came with 5V-2.1A charging port, therefore, you can connect the device and at the same time charge your phone. It also has a built-in mic, so you can make calls without raising your voice and receive calls smoothly.

This adapter costs about $18 on Amazon and the quality is far better than similar products with higher prices. High sound quality, clear and readable LCD screen, and other features make me recommend this to offer as a gift as we approach the winter season.

Bluetooth Hat with music to warm your ears

We’re getting towards winter when people use their headgear, head warmer, and others. However, this Bluetooth hat will warm your ears. The integrated technical module turns the warm hat into a music player at the same time.

Of course yes, the hat is also washable; the Bluetooth unit simply has to be removed from the hat when you want to wash it. In the leather patch on the side, there are even some buttons for controlling music or calls and it’s just easy to use.

Vont Bluetooth Headset

Another small tech product I’ve just purchased and I’m already in love with is the Vont Bluetooth headset. Since my previous headset only lasted for 6 months, and always have a problem with charging it every 10minutes. I got the Vont wireless headset and putting it on ake me feel like I’m working as a customer care agent.

It comes with a microphone and you can connect it with any Bluetooth-enabled device. Personally, I use it with my phone and PC both in the office and when I’m at home. If you don’t like in-ear headsets like me, then, this product should be perfect for you since it has a soft earpad and flexible headband.

Also, the product is lightweight and you can have it on for hours without feeling it. It can be easily charged and has a strong battery, presently, I charge it once a day and use it throughout the day. With just $30, you can have the Vont Bluetooth V5.0 headset, better sound quality, and noise cancellation.

Pixel Art Photo Frames

This picture frame is something very special with its 256 individually programmable pixels. From 16 million colors to choose from, you can be wonderfully creative and create unique images, says businesspally.

Clock, alarm clock, and notifications are also possible with the Pixel Art picture frame. The size is 8.6 inches and the picture frame can be easily designed using the app on your smartphone.

Up to four of the picture frames can be linked together, so you can also bring a larger work of art to the wall. You can get this product at just $50 from most stores online.

Luminous Magnetic charging Cable

Everyone needs a charging cable, whether for your smartwatch, smartphone, or other tech devices. A universal cable with multiple connections will be much more helpful. The magnetic attachments make the cable versatile. Also included with the cable are adapters for Lightning, USB-C, and micro-USB.  A great gift idea for technology lovers and you can get a good one at $40 or less.

Smart Meat Thermometer

A meat thermometer can be a lovely gift for women, it becomes more interesting when it’s a smart product. Most smart meat thermometers are equipped with WLAN and can be controlled via their app on your smartphone.

The intuitive app practically helps with cooking and allows the meat to be cooked well. It can work up to the range of 50 meters. You can also keep an eye on the cooking point of the meat on the grill from the kitchen in the house.

A smart thermometer is a great technology gadget for amateur cooks and chefs. You can get a smart meat thermometer at less than 70 bucks from most stores. Add a cooking temperature chart with it, and it will be a perfect gift for your friend who is fond of cooking.

Smart Mirror

If you’re a lover of smart home products, then you would love smart mirrors, especially women since they are crazier about fashion than men.

This smart mirror would definitely become an interactive information board in your home. Various options can be selected with a touch-sensitive surface. The product is designed especially for cold rooms and therefore gets along well with your bathroom, says Techpally boss.

You can connect your smart mirror via a WLAN or LAN network. And the weather report can be checked while you brush your teeth. Smart mirrors are a bit expensive but don’t mind me, it costs between $100 and $150 on average, and such a price can not break your wallet, trust me.

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