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Card players who know how to play rummy always want to explore different tips and tricks that will help them in winning the game of rummy. Won’t a handful of tricks up your sleeves help you become a Rummy-pro?

Especially in the case of online rummy, you should be well-versed with the game. The fighting ground in online rummy is massive, and you will require helpful tips to compete.

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to compete with professional rummy players. So, prepare yourself well with these handy tips:


  • Do not Give Hints to Your Opponents


It is advisable not to choose cards from the discard pile because if you pick open cards, it will give a clue to your opponents of the cards you require. It is better if you can use the cards from the closed pile. Pick a card from the open deck only if it will help you in making pure sequence. 


  • Arrange Cards in a Proper Sequence


One of the rules you need to keep in mind while playing rummy is to align your cards correctly. You are required to arrange your cards based on the suits after receiving them. It means that you have to put together one of the four sets of playing cards together to make a pack. 

Some gaming portals offer a ‘sort button’ option that aligns your cards with just one tap. It is advisable to arrange the cards in alternate color groups.


  • Don’t Quit the Game


If you are playing online rummy games that are free, do not drop out of every game, as there are no points at stake. Stay and finish the game. It will allow you to practice and help you become a strong player. 

You can also utilize this knowledge if you are playing for money.


  • Aim for a Pure Sequence


When you play an online rummy game, try and aim for a pure sequence from the beginning itself. A pure sequence refers to a group of three or more cards of the same suit, arranged in consecutive order. By creating a pure sequence, you will reduce the points towards the end of the game.


  • Keep an Eye on Your Opponent’s Move


One of the tricks of winning a rummy game is to keep a close eye on your opponent’s move concerning what cards they pick or discard and then plan your strategy accordingly. In online rummy, you can move the cursor over other players to know what kind of cards they have discarded.


  • Discard Cards of Higher Value


When you play online rummy, your aim should be to discard the higher value cards first. They are not useful to make a pure sequence. As cards with high points like King, Queen, and Jack carry 10 points each, it will reduce the points in hand. If you lose the game, the cards that are not in a pure sequence are accounted for. 


  • Know Which Cards to Keep


Ups and downs are a part of card games, and it is very important to be calm and patient and find a necessary solution. Therefore, you need to be confident about which cards you are going to keep. In general, you should keep the ones that will help you in forming a pure sequence.


  • Use the Joker Wisely


Joker is seen as a master card in rummy, and it can set you free at any time. Joker cards are extremely helpful in completing a run. 

In case you have a pure sequence, you can use the joker card to create a second sequence. If you have two sequences, you can use the joker card to make a sequence with higher card points. 


  • Keep Practicing 


As already stated, rummy is a game based on a player’s skill set, and the only thing that can improve your skills is practice.

As you practice more, you will become a better player. Luckily, most gaming portals offer free-to-play tables to players to improve their skills and develop newer and better strategies. 


  • Watch others Play


Another way to work on your rummy skills is to observe how other players play. Every player comes up with unique strategies that help them in winning. 

You can either watch videos of famous players or observe your opponents. 

Hone Your Skills to Win Online Rummy

In unknown territory, like online rummy, it can be challenging to play. But with these helpful tricks, you are good to win first hand! Research the diverse options available and select the gaming portal you want to play on. Otherwise, download Adda52Rummy- a reliable rummy app. Use these to become better at the game and bring yourself closer to a win.

Practice online rummy games as real money is up for grabs!

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