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Are you aware 46% of Google searches are directed towards searching for local information? Whether you own a manufacturing business or work as a plumber, local SEO is crucial for every business. It refers to optimising your online presence to help potential customers discover your business. This article discusses five local SEO strategies that yield results. 


  • Improve Visibility With Google My Business Page 


The most crucial local SEO strategy is optimising your Google My Business page, and an expert digital agency can help in this endeavour. Listing your business in Google My Business (GMB) listings allows potential customers to find your business quickly. When people search for businesses similar to yours, they will see your business on Google Maps with other businesses.

Optimising your GMB page also improves your search engine rankings. When Google verifies your company as legitimate, your page appears in the search results. Here are some tips to optimise Google My Business Page. 

  • Provide accurate and detailed information like name of the business, address, working hours, and contact information.
  • You can also add information like products or services you offer, logo, payment methods you accept 
  • Encourage your customers to leave feedback and respond promptly to complaints and inquiries. 



  • Focus on Local Optimisation 


Optimising Google My Business page is only the first step in the local SEO strategy.  It would help if you focused on other aspects like local citations, local link building, and publishing local content. With the help of your digital agency, you need to strengthen your local SEO strategy. 


  • Local Link Building 


Most businesses have a backlink profile that includes profile links and directory links. The link strategy must display the evidence and relevance to the industry and the location. You can create a blog that allows you to establish authority in the industry. Publish insightful resources and linkable assets for amplifiers and clients. 

Amplifiers play a prominent role in building a robust backlink profile. These people are more likely to link to your site. Linkable assets can be submitting press releases, publishing guest posts, and reaching out to your business niche’s authority sites.

Local links are powerful as they improve your rankings in localised search results. Local links can from various sources like local events, local businesses, local chamber of commerce, and local newspapers. 


  • Local Citations


It refers to the number of mentions your business gets on the Internet. A local citation can be a business review, geo-coordinates, images, videos, business name, or any information related to your business. 


  • Publish Local Content 


Content plays an important role in website optimisation. You need to publish local content that will focus on the relevance of location. For example, you can post content about local events that your business is involved in.  


  • Improve Your Social Media Presence


Social media platforms have a significant effect on search engine results. Hence, it would help establish a robust social media presence to ensure higher rankings in local searches. It can act as a good source of backlinks and get your website high-quality traffic.

To establish a strong social media presence, you need to be active on your social media handles. You need to proactively promote your brand and use the platform to increase awareness about your business.  Post content useful to your audience, like information about local events.


  • Develop a Mobile-Responsive Website


According to leading 2020 2nd quarter statistics, mobile devices generated around 51.53% of the global Internet traffic. It is an indication that you cannot afford to ignore mobile users. Regular are displayed erratically on small screens that hamper the user experience. You need to develop a mobile-responsive website to serve mobile users. 

It has a specific layout, images, and design that work well on mobile devices.  If the website is not optimised for mobile devices, users have to zoom in and zoom out a section of pages to view the information. A mobile responsive website adjusts to the mobile devices’ screen size and adjusts the elements for easy viewing.


  • Include Local Keywords in Your Website Content 


Keywords are the soul of SEO strategy. One of the golden rules to follow in local SEO is – focus on local keywords. Use them sparingly in your content across all channels. Choose keywords that are used by your local audience and have high search volume. 

Once you have prepared the list of local keywords to target, use them in Meta descriptions, URLs, and content.

To sum up, a robust local SEO strategy can give your business good visibility and increase footfalls in your stores and help in revenue-generation.

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