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Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Office

Every day, we are approached by people who want to start their very own company. They often ask for help with designing an office space for it. Well, before you take the first step towards designing your office, make sure you avoid these 10 common mistakes:

  1. Not Considering Your Budget

Planning the interior design of your office without fixing a budget is like going to a car dealership and asking for a car without knowing the price. It doesn’t make sense, does it? This is why you need to sit with your interior designer in Bangalore and discuss your budget before you take any further steps.

  1. Not Making the Space Functional

In interior design, function should always come before form – this means that you and your designer should take into consideration all of the employees’ needs. You should know what these needs are to make an ideal interior space for them. It’s a common mistake to focus more on the interior design, and less on how it will function for your employees. Also, you can prefer glass balustrade that makes your interior more attractive. you can prefer the Home Lifts that enhance your home design.

  1. Not Choosing the Right Colors and Textures

In choosing the colors and textures of the office, you need to consider not only your business’s branding message, but also what environment you want to create in the office. Make sure that the colors and textures you choose are gender neutral to attract both men and women.

  1. Not Considering the Expenses of Upkeeping and Repairing the Interior

When you design your office, make sure you plan for the expenses of maintenance and repairs of the interior. After all, nothing lasts forever, not even the most luxurious interior pieces that are meant to stay in an office for years and years.

  1. Not Determining the Best Possible Way to Utilize the Space

Make sure to take a look at the layout of your office, and see if there is any possible way that you can utilize it more efficiently. Even if you have some extra space, use it wisely and add storage units for all necessary items such as papers and computers, etc.

  1. Not Taking Into Account the Company Culture

The interior design should reflect the company culture – this means that you need to think about what image your employees want to portray through their work environment when building the office interior design. This will help to motivate them throughout the working day!

  1. Choosing Too Much Furniture

One of the most common mistakes in interior design is not planning enough storage space, but another one is planning too much storage space. In fact, when choosing furniture for your office, you need to consider that not all pieces will be used at the same time. So make sure you choose what you need for now and what can be added later on – it’s a pain to move heavy furniture around!

  1. Not Considering the Company Reputation

This goes hand-in-hand with thinking about company culture. You want people who aren’t familiar with your brand to walk into your office and get a good impression from it. If they don’t, it might reflect negatively on how they perceive your business overall!

  1. Not Stationing Employees So They Are Not In The Way Of Traffic

When planning out your office space, don’t forget to place the desks and other furniture pieces. Make sure that all employees are stationed in a way that they do not block any of the traffic paths. This is especially important if you have new deliveries coming into your business!

  1. Not Considering an Emergency Exit Map

Lastly, make sure you plan an emergency exit map so everyone knows where to go in case of an emergency – such as a fire or natural disaster. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is – it must always be prepared for emergencies!


By following these simple steps, you will be on the right track to designing a fabulous office space for your employees! Once you’ve put together your interior design, bring in some furniture and decor pieces! Make sure that the colors and textures of all decoration items work well with each other and that they adhere to company branding.

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