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Smoking cannabis for recreational purposes is legal in many parts of the US. While simply rolling up a joint can seem like a quick and easy way to enjoy some weed, you can make the experience twice more pleasurable with the use of specific tools and accessories.

Whether you are a first-time cannabis user or a seasoned one, adding some of these accessories to your collection will enable you to get the most out of your cannabis smoking experience. You can get them in any spot bar and lounge or order from a reputed online store.

Here are some of the accessories that you can consider buying.


They are one of the best accessories that you could consider buying for the ultimate cannabis smoking experience. The pipes are available in glass and plastic variants, and they are beautifully designed with unique patterns and colors. T

he glass variants are safe to use and easy to clean, although you have to be a little gentle while handling them. The plastic pipes are very affordable, and you can buy several of them to add to your collection. The carved wooden pipes are one of the best. The intricate motifs and patterns carved on them make them a collector’s item.

Classic Lighters

There are few things more stylish than a classic lighter. Flashing out a lighter when you are in company to enjoy some recreational cannabis can help set the mood. The lighters are easy to use and durable. Their classic style ensures that they never go out of style and are hence suitable investments.

Glass Bongs

When it comes to smoking cannabis, a glass bong is the ultimate accessory. You can shop for Washington glass bong in Foggy Bottom for the ultimate experience. The bongs are made from industrial-grade glass and can withstand direct heat from burners.

The bongs are perfect for brewing the perfect concoction of cannabis flowers or for vaping weed. The high-quality glass bong is a pre-requisite for vaping as bongs made from plastic or other inferior substances can damage your lungs. You can buy bongs of various sizes depending on the duration of the smoking experience you want to enjoy.


One of the premium accessories for vaping, vaporizers are a must for any stoner’s cannabis wardrobe. The vaporizers help you to inhale cannabis smoothly and do not require any elaborate setup. You should purchase high-quality cartridges to go into the vaporizers.

There are variants available in plastic, glass, and metals, and all of them come in sleek and stylish designs. The metal vaporizers are very durable, while the plastic ones are very affordable. Glass vaporizers can offer the touch of luxury, but you need to be careful while handling them.


These are some of the primary accessories you need when it comes to buying cannabis accessories. Without a good grinder, you will not be able to grind your cannabis flowers or weed to put into your Washington glass bong in Foggy Bottom.

It is a small container with an in-built grinding device that crushes the cannabis flowers with every turn. Grinding the flowers causes more surface area to burn and will produce a more intense experience for you.

RAW Papers

For any regular cannabis smoker, RAW papers are a must. They are great for rolling your joints and are very affordable. They also enhance the flavor of almost all the strains you use and are a must if you roll your joints rather than going for pre-rolled ones. You can also invest in an excellent rolling machine, which will help you make perfectly rolled joints every time.

Storage Containers

How satisfying it is to see all your various strains of cannabis flowers and weed sitting neatly in your wardrobe, ready for the taking. If you like to indulge yourself with various strains to create different moods, then a range of storage containers to store your weed and cannabis is necessary. Not only will it look great on the shelves, but it will also keep your cannabis wardrobe organized.

With some premium cannabis smoking accessories in your wardrobe, you can make your smoking experience even better. You can get them at a licensed spot bar, and lounge or you can also order them online, where you can pick and choose among various styles. You will want to share the accessories with your friends when you come together.


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