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10 reasons to visit Germany

Looking for a country to travel to? Still can’t make up your mind? Go to Germany! Read the article about the reasons to visit Germany.

Looking for a country to travel to? Still can’t make up your mind? Go to Germany! The locomotive country of the European Union with many interesting places and events. A country that already uses advanced technologies in the field of ecology. Many wind turbines and solar farms can be seen by taking a ride on one of the fastest trains in the world. Still not convinced? Read on for 10 more reasons to visit Germany. Idea from rentalyagupo.com

1. Oktoberfest

15 days. Six million visitors. 6 million liters of beer. 500,000 fried chickens. The biggest popular celebration in the world. This event is served by 12,000 staff members. For more than 200 years at the end of September, crowds of people go to Munich to meet the autumn festival. And in fact – to drink the best beer in the world. Great atmosphere and a cheerful mood. You will be delighted.

2. Cologne Cathedral

During World War II, the wonderful city of Cologne was almost completely destroyed. But the most beautiful cathedral, by the tacit agreement of the airmen, remained virtually intact. It was used as a geographical reference point. No one had the hand to destroy such a majestic building. The third tallest church in the world. It was begun in 1248 and is still unfinished! Legend has it that Satan, deceived by the architect’s wife, said: “May the end of the world come with the last stone on this cathedral!” So the cathedral is not being completed. But it really is very cool, and is seen by every tourist who arrives in Cologne by train or bus.

3. German Autobahn

The only country where there are practically no speed limits on the highways. There is also India, but there the quality of roads does not allow driving at high speeds. The introduction of speed limits in Germany has been discussed since 1949, but still nothing happens. And it pleases thousands of tourists. There are special tours, whose goal – to travel by car on the German Autobahn. The main thing – remember about the speed of your guardian angel.

4. Europa-Park

The biggest amusement park in Europe. Only Disneyland and hard-boiled eggs are cooler. 5 million people visit 13 European countries each year at Europa-Park. 90 hectares of entertainment and rides. Why not take a ride on the Silver Star? This is a roller coaster with a height of 73 meters. The maximum speed of the carriages is 127 km/h.

5. Flea Markets

We have virtually no flea market culture. We just throw everything in the landfill. In Germany, on the other hand, Flohmarkt are held every weekend in almost every town and city. Here you can buy real antiques for mere pennies. The main thing is to understand them and be able to haggle.

6. Nurburgring

The first most popular place in Germany for motorsports and racing fans. It is a race track where ring races are held. Many pilots from Europe come in their cars to beat the record and pass this ring faster than 6 minutes and 47 seconds. It is possible to rent a car right there.

7. Brezel

You really should try this gorgeous-tasting pretzel. The most delicious Brezels are made by bakers in Bavaria. They call it “brezn” there, though.

8. Christmas

Europe looks better at the end of December for Catholic Christmas than at any time during the year. Entire shows are put on. There are fairs in the city where you can taste hot mulled wine.

9. Berlin

This city alone is worth a trip to Germany. There are many monuments and places of interest here. The Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall, the Reichstag and the AquaDom.

10. Neuschwanstein Castle

Visit one of the most popular castles in the world. The Castle of Sleeping Beauty in Disneyland was drawn from this castle. You can go up to the castle by horse-drawn carriage, having previously agreed upon the time on the castle’s website. The cost of a ticket to the castle is €17.

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