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One of the most captivating attractions in Shimla, Chadwick Falls, is unquestionably a nature’s delight. Although a comparatively smaller waterfall than others in town, it offers the most scenic and gorgeous trek that will leave you captivated by its unmatched beauty. 

Surrounded by lush forestland, streaming water from the immense height, and the tranquillity that envelops it is truly a treat for all your senses. The lofty pine trees and the scent of the wildflowers, teamed with the crystal clear water at the foot of the waterfall, offer the best travelling experience you can witness by reaching here via cabs from Delhi to Shimla. 

Chadwick Falls: A hidden nature’s paradise 

Situated in the Glen Forests of the stunning city of Shimla, Chadwick Falls is a scenic waterfall trickling from an altitude of approximately 100 metres. Some adventurers recall a trek through the forest as an enthralling experience because of the moist and dim environment created by the dense canopying woods. Furthermore, the name Chadwick emanated from ‘Chidku Jhaar’, where ‘Chidku’ implies sparrow and ‘Jhaar’ is a waterfall in the regional language. 

It was termed so because the villagers here considered only sparrows could reach the waterfall top, not humans. However, the British officials found it challenging to pronounce this word and began calling the waterfall Chadwick. However, some ancient stories believe that a scientist named Chadwick committed suicide here; thus, the waterfall got its name. However, no matter the name’s origin, this gorgeous location is a stone’s throw away from Shimla city and must be on your itinerary when exploring Shimla.

Best time to visit Chadwick Falls

The most suitable time to visit Chadwick Falls is during the monsoon season, i.e. from June to September, as the area receives a satisfactory amount of rainfall and the water level increases considerably, making the environment more tranquil and captivating. 

How to reach the mesmerising Chadwick waterfalls?

Chadwick Falls is situated approximately 7 kilometres from Shimla. Travellers can rent private cabs or shared taxis to reach the waterfall inside the Glen Forest. If you wish to take on the self-driven vehicles, you can take the route to the waterfall via Chaura Maidan Road and Cart Road. Inside the woods, the trail goes through a narrow route, and the sound of the gushing waterfall leads you to the exact location.

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Scenic attractions near Chadwick Falls

Given the proximity to Shimla town, there are several scenic attractions near Chadwick Falls you can explore to make your trip more memorable. 

  • Green Valley

A spectacular mountain range near Chadwick Falls, Green Valley is sure to delight you with its lush hills covered with thick deodar and pine forests. Unquestionably a hiker’s paradise, Green Valley is one of the most picturesque locations near Chadwick falls and is bound to give a memorable travelling experience. 

  • Narkanda 

Encompassed by lush forests and woodlands, Narkanda is a quaint small town in the Shimla district, famous for skiing and other snow adventures in winter. Also, situated at a higher altitude of 9000 feet, this place attracts sightseers for its ethereal untouched beauty and exquisite apple orchards.

  • Gaiety Cultural Heritage Complex 

This heritage monument, constructed in the Gothic or Victorian style of architecture over a hundred years ago, is of immense cultural and historical significance in India. This ancient structure had a theater, several offices, galleries, a bar and a ballroom, giving a perfect peek into the ancient days. 

A quick road trip to Chadwick falls offers a soothing experience and gives you a much-needed respite from the city’s hustle and bustle. So rent a car in Delhi and get going to unwind in the wilderness. 

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