Sat. May 25th, 2024

The appeal of sustainability in business is real; not only do sustainable practices benefit the planet, but they improve the bottom line. If you’ve set your sights on becoming more sustainable and energy efficient this year, here are ten steps to help you achieve that goal:

1. Eliminate Paper as Much as Possible

Are those physical copies really necessary? We live in a digital age; if you can text it or email it, do it. Your employees all have smartphones, laptops, and maybe even tablets. Maximize the value you get from investing in tech by minimizing the amount of paper you consume.

2. REcharge It, REnew It, or REcycle It

Choose RE options everywhere you can find them. The market is filled with innovative, high-quality, RE products that save money and resources.

3. Reconsider Travel

In-person meetings were the standard for businesses prior to 2020, but the pandemic changed all that. It is much, much more acceptable today to conduct meetings remotely. When you consider the high costs of travel – fuel, time, food, lodging, etc. – it quickly becomes clear that very few in-person meetings provide a meaningful ROI. Making virtual meetings your standard saves money and increases opportunities for collaboration.

4. Focus Attention on Cleaning and Maintenance

Switching out your cleaning supplies for eco-friendly options and dedicating resources to repairs and maintenance will improve the sustainability of your facility. Maintaining what you have and keeping it operational as long as possible preserves resources. That said, if you have out-of-date or old systems, now might be the time to upgrade to more energy-efficient models.

5. Go LED

Switching to LED lighting is one of the most effective ways to boost your sustainability and achieve real savings on energy costs. Adding motion sensors makes the impact even greater.

6. Recycle

Before you throw it out, consider if it can be recycled. Almost every resource you use has some residual value; even used cooking oil and wastewater can be recycled. The less you send to the dumpster, the better.

7. Revisit Your Processes

A more efficient process is generally also more sustainable. What are the bottlenecks in your operation and how can you streamline them to save time and money?

8. Implement Zero Waste Policies

Every aspect of your office can benefit from zero waste policies. Start in the breakroom and choose reusable, recycled, or biodegradable products. Encourage your employees to look for ways to conserve office supplies.

9. Add Plants

A bit of greenery in the office boosts everyone’s mood, improves the air quality, absorbs noise, and reduces the need for otherwise disposable décor and accessories.

10. Work With Partners that Share Your Passion for Sustainability

Surround your business with like-minded vendors, suppliers, clients, and customers. You can share best practices and work together to reduce waste in all your business practices.

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