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Trucking is a hot industry at the moment. Consumers are busy consuming and their online shopping habits have opened a wealth of opportunities for folks looking to get into the trucking business. That, plus an increased emphasis on improving supply chain management, have created a rush of openings for experienced as well as would-be truckers.

If you’re looking at the possibilities and thinking about becoming an owner-operator with your own big rig, buying used makes a lot of sense. Used trucks are a reasonably affordable way to get started in the trucking business.

Before you go out and start test driving some of the many used semi-trucks for sale in Tampa, it’s worth your time to ask the following three questions first:

1. What rules does your bank or other financing source have surrounding vehicle purchases?

If you’re planning to finance a truck, you need to know that many banks or other lenders have mileage and/or age limits for the semi-trucks they will finance. For example, some banks only want to lend money for trucks that are less than five years old or that have fewer than 500,000 miles on the odometer. Talk to your lender about their policies before you spend too much time shopping for a rig,

2. What is a good place to buy a used semi-truck?

A good dealer will offer the following:

  • A wide selection of models to choose from
  • Locations across the United States
  • In-house financing, if you need it
  • Quality inspections on all the trucks they sell
  • Full service and maintenance records for each semi-truck
  • Warranties
  • Other benefits,such as after-purchase protection and roadside assistance

Talking to folks in the industry to get word-of-mouth recommendations is one effective way to find a reputable dealer.

3. Will you have easy access to parts for your used truck?

Your used truck is going to need service and repair from time to time. Access to repair shops and replacement parts is critical, especially if you’re a long-haul trucker driving cross-country routes. If you’re in the middle of the country and miles away from a repair shop or the parts for your truck are in low supply, you’re trucking business will suffer. Not all makes and models have equally easy access to repair shops and parts so it’s important to consider where you plan to be driving and how you plan to handle repairs when issues arise, which they will.

With a good dealer in mind, answers to your financing questions in hand, and a general idea of your access to repairs and parts, you’re ready to shop for your used semi.

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