Thu. Apr 18th, 2024
10 Things To Do At Home on Your Phone More Than Social Media

Millions of people are staying indoors right now, and so many of them have no clue what to do during the quarantine. So, here’s a quick look at what you can do on your phone to kill your time productively. And let us tell you, these are beyond social media.

  1. Turn on the volume, put up your favorite peppy number on your phone, and groove to the beats of that song. Not only will that work out all your muscles, but you’ll surely feel good and all pumped up after a great dance session.
  2. Another great option is to download exciting mobile games like picross, Tetris or bubble shooters, etc. Solve one challenge, and you’ll take up so many more in one go. Trust us when we say you’ll be addicted to these games – when you have something to stay engrossed, you’ll not find it hard during the quarantine.
  3. Draw, write doodle – use this time to let your creativity flow in abundance. There are many apps where you can write poetry with people from anywhere in the world or draw and doodle on super intuitive apps. So bring out your hidden talents and unleash the magic.
  4. It’s a lot easier to boot up Instagram and scroll through it the entire day, but why not try something better like sorting your emails? There’s a pile in your inbox, and the chances are that you might even miss the important ones. So kill your time while killing spam mails, replying to the important ones, and organizing all else.
  5. Learn gardening from a digital helping hand for summer upskilling. There are apps on plant care, plant identification, soil care, progress tracking, plant advice, inspiration, and maintenance to assist you through the process.
  6. Click pictures in and around your home. Or try capturing self-portraits and family photoshoots.
  7. If you’ve been too depressed or stressed lately, install a yoga and meditation app. Take up daily sessions and inculcate some positivity in you.
  8. Take care of your skin or body. Watch helpful videos or install apps that reward you for every achievement, and suggest all you can do.
  9. Check out decor ideas on Pinterest. Pin your favorite ones and try a similar arrangement for yourself.
  10. Get in touch with your contacts. Know how they’ve been doing and keeping themselves busy. Times are tough, so make sure your text or call them – it won’t take much time but will give you a sense of satisfaction.

The ideas here are pretty simple and not something you can’t do. Make a dance playlist, play picross, or learn to click and edit pictures on the phone. Instead of passing time being bored, turn that time into something productive. Go easy on yourself and take care of the needed things.


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