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Weddings all over the world have hit the ‘Domino effect’ because of the pandemic. Yes, Coronavirus has affected all across the globe and has put a big pause on the big fat Indian weddings. However, now that the weddings have been pushed for the latter half of the year, 2020. On the brighter side, all the preparations for weddings can be continued again once the threat is equal to negligible or at a bare minimum rate.

Since the situation is fluid, the wedding date will be fluctuating. It’s wise to advise all the couples out there, to not give up on hopes of their lavish weddings that they have dreamt of.

Wedding-Photographers-Delhi-7952Maybe this is the ‘New Normal’ to celebrate occasions and weddings after the post-COVID-19 era. Social distancing is going to be the continuous norm to be it a small wedding function or a big one. The emphasis must remain on high-quality hygiene standards. One can get directly in touch with the wedding planner companies for streamlined services.

How can you plan and adjust your weddings right?

Many people are getting infuriated on how to plan the wedding during the lockdown period. We have tried to compile a list that can help you out! Have a look.

* If You’re Having A Wedding RIGHT NOW!

We understand that your wedding is just a few days away. You have been dreaming about this day since your childhood. Fret, no more worries about the virus! So how do you get relieved? Try inviting only a few closed ones of your family and manage an intimate wedding with the want and dear ones. You can also get married in your house and take blessings of your dearest parents and the close months. Not to forget, it will be a story to cherish for a lifetime!

* If Your Wedding Is In A Few Months

30-SABI5305-Best-Candid-Delhi-photographers-Photography-rajeshluthra-thewedcafe-WeddingIs your wedding date is in a few months, it’s time to have a healthy discussion with your wedding planners. There is a possibility to start reconsidering your older choices. Don’t hesitate in asking whether there will be any cut-offs or discounts offered during the postpone dates. The wedding industry will take care of all the last-minute details and will have your back right! It is one of the businesses of joy and they happily cater to all kinds of couples. In the time of crisis, every vendor will show up and will try to accommodate as best as they can. Everyone’s in the same boat and the businesses have hit hard as we all can see. It’s time to be flexible with the clients and take the re-bookings efficiently. Therefore, before you sign on any final contracts don’t forget to have a discussion on the negotiations with the vendors. It will be flexible for both parties one can navigate through the situation without any hurdles.

* Are you planning to postpone your Weddings In 2021?

Now everyone has an ample amount of time and energy. It’s time to talk to the guests and share your opinions and discuss other possibilities. There should be room for flexibility.

Love in the time of a Pandemic

Indian culture boasts of big fat weddings. When it comes to our country, no matter what, weddings are a huge thing! Be it with regards to economical or financial terms, it is a wedding of the amalgamation of two families. The planning starts to begin from six months in advance or more. Yes, it is treated as a grand affair in our nation.

But as the current situation states, the weddings have taken a toss and have sensed re-assurance with the difficult scenario. All the couples have to take a step back and wait for what really is in store for them. The couples are now realizing the precariousness of the situation which has looked black and grey in the initial months. Many couples are also making a switch and moving forward with virtual weddings through Zoom call followed with some speeches and ceremonies online.

We did the math for you. 

Most of the to-be newlyweds have rescheduled their wedding dates. Although, it is advisable to move ahead with the preparation and keep it for fall or spring of 2021.

All the planners in the industry are offering backup dates. Don’t forget to look after the guests. Just like your other priorities, guests have their work priorities too! As you are making the adjustments, they have to do the same so make sure you are telling them about the plans in advance. You need to send out the ‘change of date’ cards to all your relatives, friends, and family. If you’re still not sure about the dates, then sending potential new dates or the week, the month is okay too.

How to Manage if all the plans fail?

Have you ever wondered what if all the plans that you are making or are prepared would fail at the last point? What will you do? Do you have any Plan- B? Let us break this for you!

What’s Your Plan B?

It is essential to have a backup plan. Try keeping the same in mind while you prepare for your wedding plans. Backup plans act as an imperative approach to devise new ideas. Identify which all people need to be alerted? Can those vendors transfer the services to a new date that you have shifted to? Yes, it’s all about how you make personal decisions. Just make sure they don’t extra fees to the same. Trust your wedding planner at the same time and let them be the guides to help you make a wise decision. If you are still bound to move ahead, make sure you are prepared for the battle against the Coronavirus!

While few of us might cancel our extravagant plans for a small and intimate gathering, do remember that nothing surpasses the overall health and safety of your loved ones. Let’s trust the global community and be brave. After all, it’s all for one and one for all!

Author Bio: Aditya Khanna is a passionate writer at The Wed Cafe. After graduating in engineering, his passion for writing and storytelling made him transition into the field of marketing. Besides marketing, he loves travelling, reading poetry and binge watch short films/ads.

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