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YouTube is the best platform to showcase your talent in front of the whole world out there. In today’s era, I can’t think of a single person who is not using YouTube. The best thing is, it entertains each age group. From children to grandparents everyone. YouTube is the widely used platform and people also benefit their startups by uploading videos regarding that. YouTube’s main mission is giving a voice to everyone who wants to exhibit their talent. This digital platform is used by over 1/7 of the world’s population every day. It’s an excellent place to sell and promote your content. If you’re a YouTuber, you must know how to increase views on your channel. But views solely are not enough to grow your channel to the next level among millions of others. 

Almost every second person has a YouTube channel through which they want to gain fame by showcasing their talent. Hence there is a lot of competition and it’s really difficult to be recognised among all others. Most of the aspiring YouTubers give up so early due to lack of knowledge. Hey! don’t be gloomy, we have got you. If you’re devoting so much of your time and energy in creating the best content possible and still are not getting enough views and subscribers, here’s what to do. Read on this article further and all your queries and worries will be resolved. 

Well, most of the time people judge your channel by the number of subscribers and views you have. No matter how good your content is. This is obviously not fair but it happens. The main challenge is tackling this situation, if you’re able to do so your YouTube channel will be among the top one’s. Hence, we are here to tell you 100 percent proven ways to get more YouTube subscribers. Implementing them can take your YouTube channel to new heights. So without wasting any more time, let’s get you into the topic:-

  • Add a watermark icon – While watching a video on YouTube, you must have noticed a button (with a channel logo most of the time) at the right corner. That is the watermark icon. This appears each time whenever a video is played on YouTube, asking or reminding the user to follow the particular channel. 

Many of the YouTubers use their channel logo as the image on subscribe button to make it look more attractive. This is no doubt an amazing step to increase genuine subscribers on your channel. Reason because most of the time it happens that your audience like your videos but they forget to subscribe. Hence asking and reminding them genuinely to do so can be really beneficial. 

  • Video A/B tests are incredible – It is really necessary to find which of your videos meta description or titles are performing better than others. Hence for this purpose video A/B test is performed. This gives you an insight about which of your videos’ title style is performing better and drawing more attention than the rest of the others. 

Once you are done with that, just simply use that style on the rest of your videos and Boom! see the amazing results. 

Now you might be thinking about : How will I run an A/B test on my channel? Well, that’s quite simple. You can use Tubebuddy, which is a YouTube certified tool and is great for conducting an A/B test on your channel. 

  • Make sure you add a subscribe button and related videos at the end – This is an amazing way of boosting your channel’s growth. By doing this, you will pull more audience attention. There are chances that your audience will watch a video or two. This will increase view count on your videos. 
  • Short and amazing videos – In this busy era, nobody has enough time to watch your long and boring content. The longer your video is, the boring it will get. That is why it is suggested to make your videos short and catchy. Showcase the information that is really needed in that video. Length of your video can impact your channel positively. It can rank you higher on YouTube search engines. Short videos does not mean that you’ll miss the information or you’re giving half of the information.  Cover up all the things and stay within the topic. 

If your content seems boring, people will jump into another video in no time. Hence, a short and interesting video is the key to hold your audience. 10 to 15 minute videos is considered as the best length. 

  • Buying YouTube subscribersIt is a great way to increase your YouTube subscribers and view count. If you buy them from a genuine website you’ll have organic subscribers that are actually interested in your content. This will further save you from being judged on a view count basis. 
  • Engaging directly with your audience can do wonder’s – If you are engaging with your audience, it will benefit your channel a lot. This is going to give your audience a good impression about you. So, for doing so there is only one option available that is the comment section. When people comment on your videos either it is positive or negative, do reply! It will create a bonding between you two that will directly benefit your channel. Not only this, doing so will help in increasing your audience retention. In simple terms, if you get more comments on your video it will automatically rank top on search. 

If you’re clearing any doubt your audience has, they will consider your channel worth subscribing to subscribe. To increase more YouTube subscribers you can buy it from a trustworthy website like

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