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After the seven-month period lapsed with Google’s last update, another one followed. This came during the holiday season, specifically the month of December, which was followed by a considerable frenzy and discussion among SEOs and digital marketing bloggers around the world.

There are many insights on the topic of Google’s core update in the month of December. Let us take a look at what we learned about this update. Much of the changes have been made about the policy of quality enforcement algorithms. It has led to slight variations and modifications in many website’s traffic and rankings. This is because of the impact of the update on signals.

A notable factor has been that this core update has reduced the prioritization of ranking on the webpage and shed importance on other features. This includes improvements and updates of webpages and queries.

Another thing we learned was that this update had been made in an attempt to provide support to the core web vitals that will be included in the algorithm update in May 2021. Thus, this is just the first major update that has been launched to provide support for future updates this year, which will hold more weight.

Thus, google is calibrating the aspects of their systems that have a wide-reaching effect on users worldwide. One such thing has been the weight ratios of links. Hence, the power of nofollow links has been adjusted. There are plenty more answer boxes, so they are canvassing the arena more. Additionally, the value of PBN links has been decreased. The critical element is that the December update has centered more on improvisation and tweaking of existing mechanisms rather than rolling out new systems or networks. It has made an impact mainly on the content interpretation system. Google even confirmed on Twitter officially that the update has nothing to do with BERT in a straightforward manner. This is because of their focus on staying true to continually update their algorithm periodically in order to allow websites to be on the top as per a defined framework by Google. This is the main reason why Google is at the top of its game and has been credible for such a long time. Because of the constant changes, it’s vital that you work with a trusted SEO agency that follows these strict guidelines. King Kong SEO for example, is an industry leading SEO agency that provides white hat SEO strategies to it’s clients all over the world. 

A consensus still remains that although there have been some observable changes with the new update, the changes are not dramatic nor very significant. Many didn’t notice, and many changes were more or less related to improving quality and prepping for the next update. These updates take place periodically to maintain the system of accuracy. They continually research, modify, and implement changes in their policies and algorithms to maintain the quality, and this update also has focused on quality. Perhaps the changes may not be the most dramatic or wide-spread changes, but it is essential to maintain the quality, and Google has ensured that they work on every detail for this purpose. The plan to continue working on this quality in a detailed manner will carry out in the next update.

In a nutshell, that is what we learned about Google’s December update.

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