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Getting your daily dose of cardio exercise is crucial to maintaining excellent health. It prevents deadly diseases, keeps you fit, and of course, keeps you young at heart.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), adults aged 18-64 should do 150-300 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity. And for anyone who is on the younger side of that age range, starting a healthy workout routine now can benefit you for life. (Looking at you, college students!)


For many adults, running is their preferred aerobic activity. But if you struggle to maintain a running regimen or are considering starting one, there are a few  things you should know. 


This article explaining 11 fantastic health benefits of running every day is an excellent place to start.


1. Burn Calories and Fat


It’s no secret that running can help you burn unwanted body fat. After all, it is a more vigorous form of cardio. 


But how exactly does running every day pay off in the leaner, trimmer body department? 


First of all, when you run, your heart rate accelerates, pumping a greater supply of oxygenated blood to your muscles. Your brain uses this increased dose of oxygenated blood to burn fat, with calories as its fuel source. 


But before you start running around the neighborhood as fast as lightning to shed pounds, remember this:


Experts recommend running at a slow and steady pace for more than 30 minutes if burning fat is your goal. This allows your body to use fat as fuel to shed calories.


And always, always stretch before your daily run to protect your body and ensure it’s up to fat-burning standards.


2. Strengthen Your Muscles


Thanks to their daily running routine, runners tend to have stronger legs, backs, and rear ends.


Although we all know that running tones and strengthens muscles, you may not realize which muscles.


By running every day, you can strengthen the following muscles:


  • Core muscles, like your obliques and rectus abdominis
  • Backside muscles, like your glutes and hamstrings
  • And leg muscles, like your quadriceps and calves


Most people wouldn’t complain about toning and tightening their core, behind, and legs, and running daily is the way to do so!


3. Increased Energy Levels


Any amount of physical activity increases your body’s energy levels. It’s one of the guaranteed perks of being active in the first place.


And so, when you run daily, your energy levels naturally increase.


Keep in mind — you may feel sluggish as you start a new running regimen. But as your energy levels increase, the easier it will be to maintain your daily running exercise. 


4. Better Cardiovascular Fitness


Since running is cardio, it stands to reason that running increases your cardiovascular health.


And this is a significant benefit. Better cardiovascular health means decreased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. 


Start running every day and set yourself up for a heart-healthy future!


5. Improved Memory


Did you know that running daily can even improve your mental capabilities like your memory and concentration levels?  


It’s true! 


This is because running promotes increased blood and oxygen flow to your brain. An increased flow of oxygenated blood to your brain stimulates memory and concentration neurons.


Running may also increase the growth of a protein that promotes new brain cell growth. 


And you guessed it — brain cell growth also improves memory and concentration functions. Very helpful for those of us still in school!


Not too shabby for a 30-minute run a day, right?


6. Strengthen Your Immune System


Everyone wants a robust immune system that helps them stave off infections and diseases. And that’s precisely what a daily running habit can give you.


Vigorous exercise boosts your white blood cell and antibody count, two crucial components of a strong immune system. 


7. Obliterate Arthritis Risks


Many people believe that running can damage cartilage and cause conditions like osteoarthritis.


But in fact, the reverse is true. For one thing, running helps you maintain a lower body weight, which reduces stress on the joints. 


And as you develop your running regimen, it will help strengthen your joints and cartilage. Stronger joints and cartilage prevent knee and hip osteoarthritis when you age.


8. Lower Your Cancer Risks


A daily exercise routine can help reduce your risk of developing cancer.


Studies show that any amount of running can actually reduce the risk of dying from cancer by a whopping 23%.


And running’s other health benefits — maintaining a lower body weight and improving your immune system — also reduce the risk of developing cancer.


9. Improved Sleep 


Physical exercise of every variety can help you sleep better. Exercise reduces stress, helping cut back on the worries that keep you awake at night. 


It also helps tire out your body, which is one-half of the better-sleep equation. In fact, moderate to vigorous exercises like running can even improve sleep quality by helping you fall asleep faster.


Less time tossing and turning each night seems like a great reason to run each day!


10. Increase Your Coordination


Running helps your body build and maintain better balance. It also improves your coordination by strengthening and utilizing your muscles correctly.


Good coordination is especially beneficial to athletes and dancers, although everyone benefits from having an agile body.


11. Feel Amazing!


Right after a run, you will feel incredible (albeit sweaty).


You just achieved a physical exercise target, your stress has melted away, and your body feels lean, limber, and ready for anything.




Because running releases endorphin hormones in response to physical exertion. And a surge of endorphins makes us feel wonderful — in mind and body.


There’s even a term for this science-backed phenomenon: runner’s high. Just imagine feeling this positive and unstoppable every single day!




It’s much easier to maintain a daily running routine when you understand just how beneficial it is to your mind and body. 


From head to toe, inside and out, running is a superb activity that helps you feel your best long after you kick off your running shoes.


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