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If you are running any business, whether it is small or big, you might experience either a burglary or an attempt of a burglary at some point. As you all know, local stores are the primary target for such type of activity, especially during the night, when the store is empty and unlit. 

However, you can make sure that your business is safe from the unthinkable. There are several security measures that you must take to keep your business as safe as possible. In this post, you will know about the top security tips that can help burglary prevention and keep your store secure. 

Install Maglock Systems

Today, there is a huge demand for magnetic locks with keypads/key fobs for entry. Magnetic door locks are a versatile security mechanism that keeps unwanted visitors away from your store. Maglocks are electromagnetic door locking devices installed along the top of a door frame. 

They use low-voltage power (mainly DC 12 or 24 volts) to keep the door lock shut. The lock can be disabled via a key fob contact, a card swipe, or by keying in a number on a keypad. 

All of the maglocks connect to an access control system. Few of them even possess apps that users access remotely using their smartphones. Magnetic lock that comes with fob option lets store owners self-delete an individual’s access or add a new one. If a fob gets lost/misplaced, store owners can deactivate the fob to make their business secure.

Alarm Monitoring

If you are more worried about your business or store’s after-hours security, then alarm monitoring is one of the best options you can take. You can call the security company and ask them to install alarm sensors in the entire store. 

Whenever someone will try to break in or anything suspicious happens, the sensor will trigger the alarm system. A signal will be sent to the support team, and dispatch a security patrol to your retail store right away to examine the area. 

Security Sign Boards

Buying a signboard and channel letter signs in Cincinnati then displaying it at your business entrance or store acts as an effective security solution. Signboards like “you are under surveillance” or “CCTV Camera Ahead” can help build security for your store.
So, try to get an excellent security signboard; they are not so expensive and do a great job keeping the burglars away from your retail store.

Remove Expensive Displays

If you are running a business or a retail store that sells expensive items like a jewelry store, it is advised that you should remove all the expensive items that are displayed around your store. This offers an excellent opportunity for the burglars to steal it, as they get tempted by it and try to steal it when no one sees it.  

Purchase a Solid Safe

If somehow a burglar breaks into your store, you will never want them to access your cashbox or cash register easily. That is why it is essential to purchasing a high-security safe to store the cash and essential items. It would be best if you kept the safe in a secure area of the store so that the burglars cannot easily spot it. 

This will make it tough for them to find a safe, and their time will be more consumed. Also, you must never stack up a large amount of cash in your retail store. It would be best to make bank deposits regularly. 

Put Reliable Shutters

This is one of the essential things that every store owner must implement. Usually, shop owners and retailers leave their store without securing the shutters after a long workday. Sometimes, it is done by mistake. But it is suggested that we must check whether shutters are completely secured or not. 

If you are experiencing problems with your locks and shutters, never leave your store until a locksmith arrives and solves the issue. And if you cannot find the locksmith, you must call any security company near you. The experts will help you get security guards for the night and the  best mesh panels.

Regularly Re-Key the Store

If you own or manage a retail store or business and have employees working in your store, you will have to provide the keys to access the store easily. 

You will never feel safe when you know that someone else is also carrying the store. And if you terminate an employee, do not leave on good terms. It is because there will always be a threat that they can try to harm your store. For such reasons, you must regularly re-key your store. 

Extra Staff Members

During the busy time of the week or a month or a season, it is advised to hire additional staff members. It will help you keep extra eyes and hands in your retail store and is also an effective store security measure. 

Security Guard

Hiring a reliable security guard for your retail store or business might seem like an expensive idea. But it is one of the significant security measures you can take to secure your retail store. 

If you sell valuable and expensive items, and you are worried about their security, then it is recommended that you must hire an overnight security guard for your business. This will make sure that your retail store business is safe during the night hours. 

Also, the burglar will never try to break into your store when they see a security guard standing outside your store. 

Install Smart Access

Technology is one of the helpful things when it comes to security. There are several smart lock systems with exceptional features that can help you to keep your store secure. You can restrict the access where you want no one to enter. 

There are several excellent options when it comes to smart access systems. You can utilize FOBs, smart cards, keypads, or other security options according to your needs. 

Implement EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance)

EAS is an anti-shoplifting security system that includes attaching tags to all your store items. An employee needs to deactivate or remove the tag after purchase. If the tag leaves the store without being deactivated, the alarm will trigger, and the shop owner will know immediately.

Increase Visibility

You must increase the visibility of all your store items. This will help you to keep an eye on your stock that you have put up on sale. Install a few mirrors and avoid blind corners to reduce the chances of theft and burglary.

Final Words 

Whether it is your business or home, it is essential to make sure that your store is as safe as possible. It is better to follow our best tips than letting burglars steal your precious store items, leaving you with a huge financial loss. 

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