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Once our household items become old and dysfunctional, the easiest way for their disposal seems to be throwing them in the trash. This is not always practical, and there are items you actually cannot throw directly into the trash.

One such item is your mattress. Mattresses are highly durable and have good longevity. The recommended time for mattress replacement is 10 years. However, this number may vary depending on how you use and maintain it before hiring mattress removal Fairfield services.

If you have decided to replace your mattress, you may find it difficult to get rid of the old one. You cannot throw it out on the curb or visit the local landfill. Both options are impractical. In some cities, you may be liable to paying fines if you do not carry out the disposal properly.

So what can you do with such a large item?

Firstly, check the warranty on your mattress. This is the time frame provided by the seller in which the mattress is replaceable if damaged. The warranty and its policies can differ from brand to brand.

Here are five other methods of mattress disposal:

Recycling the Mattress

An environmentally friendly way to dispose of your mattress is to recycle it. Different parts of it are usable for several practical purposes.

The fabric of the mattress can be recycled for making a DIY rug. The foam padding can be turned into insulation, carpet, or pet bedding. The springs or other metal scraps are convertible to decorations like candle holders.

However, it is unlikely that you can do most of these recycling processes on your own. Therefore, look for your local recycling services. You may also find companies that specifically specialise in recycling mattresses.

Most recycling companies charge a small fee to take the mattress away from you. By using these services, you not only resolve your mattress problem but protect the environment as well. A large number of mattresses that are easily recyclable end up in landfills — adding to the earth’s waste and creating problems in the long run.

Donating the Mattress

If the mattress is still in good condition and you believe it is still feasible for further use, nothing could be better than donating it. There are many people around you, who are not privileged enough to buy new stuff but are in need. By donating your used items, you can make their life a little easier.

Find a homeless person in your neighbourhood, who could use a warm mattress to sleep on. You can also call local charities that collect used items for goodwill. You can also look for thrift stores near you for the same purpose.


Reselling the Mattress

It is possible that recycling and donating are not an option for you. In that case, you can try reselling the mattress. Of course, you will not make a significant amount of money, but your main aim is its disposal.

Nowadays, you can easily find buyers. There are websites where you can list items you want to sell. You can also make a social media post that you are selling a mattress. You never know when a person in your network may be interested in buying it.

Repurposing the Mattress

If you think you have the resources to repurpose the mattress instead of sending it for recycling, then you will find many useful materials once you break it down. For example, foam and fabric are quite useful for making cushions, rugs, pet bedding, etc.

You can also take inspiration from DIY blogs and websites like Pinterest. An important thing to remember is not starting the project if you lack the skill, experience, or the right tools for it. Otherwise, you may put yourself in danger of getting hurt.

Disposal of Mattress

If you believe none of the above methods applies to you, then you should think about disposing of the mattress properly. It is highly advised not to leave the mattress in a nearby dumpster. If you do so, you may become liable to pay a fine according to the rules implemented in some cities. In other areas, there are steps you need to follow before placing the mattress in the dumpster. The best way is to call the local waste disposal or management service.

We recommend considering recycling and donation before you decide on the proper disposal of your mattress. If you plan to dispose of it, make sure you’re hiring professionals only. Handling this project to an inexperienced company would do more harm than good. 3 Kings Hauling & More is a reliable name in Fairfield you can trust in this regard.


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