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Vinyl FlooringThings you Need To Know Before Installing Vinyl Flooring

Before choosing any flooring type it’s necessary to determine the place. Indeed all places have different requirements. Either it’s a vinyl Plank flooring or any other. This step is necessary. Moreover, the type of environment, traffic, and locality are also vital. Perhaps this is the first and foremost step.

Vinyl Plank flooring exists in three basic types. Vinyl sheets, vinyl planks, and vinyl tiles. All of these have different installation mechanisms. Not only have they varied in installation but also in usage.

Today, with the revolution in technology, luxury vinyl flooring is highly different from historical vinyl. Nowadays vinyl floors are available in a wide variety. They have myriads and myriads of designs as well as styles.

Unquestionably, versatility and durability are the two key characteristics of vinyl flooring. Moreover, it has a good ability to withstand moisture. Regardless of the place, you can use vinyl plank flooring in apartments, bathrooms, and kitchens. They work efficiently in both low and high-traffic areas.

Let’s plunge deeper into details

1- Kitchens

Vinyl serves as a great flooring for kitchens. There are many reasons. The first and foremost reason is its high durability. However second is its high moisture resistance? Furthermore, vinyl floors can easily handle spills and stains. Only wiping will work.

Undoubtedly vinyl Plank flooring has incredible advantages. It provides comfort even if you have to stand on it for a whole day. Besides these advantages, remember the vinyl is prone to get damaged. If the floor gets an encounter with sharp objects it will develop holes. A lot of care and attention is required to maintain the looks.

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2- Bathrooms

If you are considering only tiles and stone for bathrooms, you are wrong. Vinyl flooring works best in such water-prone areas. Luxury vinyl has many advantages. Just like tile or ceramic, vinyl is also durable. It works efficiently in high traffic areas.

 As compared to tiles and planks, vinyl sheets are more reliable for moist areas. Vinyl floors are good in providing warmth. Although they strongly resemble hard vinyl, vinyl provides a more comfortable walk. They are highly versatile. Certainly, they are available in a variety of designs and patterns.

3- Less busy apartments

Vinyl Plank flooring is an ideal choice for less busy areas. In fact, you can use any of its types for your apartment. Either it’s vinyl tile flooring or vinyl plank flooring, both mimic the hardwood. It’s quite possible that you haven’t planned a flooring redo before. But with luxury vinyl now it’s very easy to replace the floor in your rental apartment.

In less busy and small apartments, choosing one floor is easy as compared to choosing many. In such small areas, you are not supposed to choose different items. For these places, vinyl works greatly. Moreover, it’s a safe choice for the kitchen and bathrooms as well. Besides this, its high durability can handle heavy traffic as well. Vinyl Plank flooring is available in myriads of styles and designs. Probably you can select the one you love.

Installation guide

Vinyl Plank Flooring installation is purely a DIY project.  Undoubtedly you need some special expertise. However, if you are not a pro you can hire some professionals. Although you have enough information before buying consider all parameters.

 You can have loose lay, adhesive based or stick-peel installation options. Every process has different requirements. For this reason, it’s best to hire some professionals. Anyways you can give it a try only if you have prior experience. The DIY approach is undoubtedly a better approach but not for everyone. Remember some floors are easy to fix and vice versa.


Of course, you can choose any type of vinyl flooring from your favorite flooring store. However, the selection of type mainly depends on the location. If you are looking forward to a hardwood-like look, you can choose vinyl planks. Luxury vinyl tiles are good for less busy areas. On the other hand,  vinyl planks are a better choice for heavy foot traffic. Moreover vinyl tiles with glued down installation work efficiently in commercial places.

As compared to commercial places, for a household you can use adhesive tiles. Vinyl flooring is one of the favorite flooring choices among homeowners. They are not only economical but also add an amazing feel. So if you are planning a home redo, consider this luxurious flooring.

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