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Limestone is an attractive natural stone that is well-known for flooring purposes. This highly durable stone can add sophistication to any space with its soft earthy tones and styles. Whether you are considering new flooring for your kitchen, bathroom, or living room, do not miss out on limestone flooring

Limestone is a sedimentary rock made of aragonite and calcite, both of which are diverse forms of calcium carbonate. It also consists of trace amounts of pyrite, quartz, feldspar, siderite, and some other minerals. Both the house owners and builders prefer this natural stone because it is a wonderful synthetic building material. When changing any type of flooring, you will generate a lot of waste. This is where you will require a rubbish removal company. Ensure you, remove the waste and make the area tidy before starting your lime stone project. So, as limestone tiles are common, and the following are 5 reasons that make it ideal for flooring.

      1. Manifold Shades and Tones 

You will generally find limestone in light colours and neutral shades, and you can easily blend them with the exterior and interior decor. You can also use light beige, ivory, cream, and light grey shades for your kitchen, bathrooms, dining space, and outdoor landscaping features. 

Similarly, it does not mean that you have only limited limestone colours; you can pick darker shades like you can choose dark shades of red, dark green, and brown limestone for your home upgrading.

      2. Resale Value of Limestone 

Natural stone flooring is in high demand as most homebuyers appreciate its beauty, durability, and easy maintenance requirements. If you consider the resale value of your space or home, limestone offers you a clear advantage over porcelain tiles. 

After all, limestone is a dramatic and impressive flooring material that is sure to make a massive and lasting impression on possible buyers. 

     3. You can Count on the Durability of Limestone Material 

When you consider flooring for your space, you look for durability. Here, limestone flooring tiles are a wonderful option, just like most of the natural stones. This type of flooring will not wear down, even under heavy foot traffic. Moreover, limestone feels slightly soft when you touch it. 

Since limestone is a heavy material, most people use it for the flooring of driveways, balconies, backyards, pool-sides, and garden paths. This natural stone limits the formation of cracks or other harms. You can easily use it in any area. Also, since it is heavyweight, limestone lasts for many years in an ideal condition.  

      4. Easy Maintenance  

Since limestone is a natural stone with no chemical additives, it is much firmer. If you pay some attention to the maintenance of your tiles, they will stay for very long; most probably, one-time floor tiling will be sufficient for your whole life. 

However, professionals recommend that you should seal the limestone tiles when you install them. Once you do it, you will not just stretch the age of the tiles, but you also give your tiles a shining look. Furthermore, if you use the sealant, it will not disturb your tile’s texture and colour because it is a transparent solution.  

Similarly, a bonus for you is that limestone tiles are dead set against all types of microorganisms that may grow on the surface of your floor. Moreover, limestone tiles also do not permit allergens to conceal inside it.

      5. An Inexpensive Flooring Option 

Investing in limestone tiles will be financially worth it for you because these natural stone tiles will last longer if you compare them to the rest of the tiles, laminations, or carpets. The point is that natural rock is quite profitable as their mid-range of limestone tiles is somewhat parallel to that of the wood tiling. 

Of course, you may find that initial expenditure for the top ranged limestone tile is quite expensive, but it is very satisfactory that, as a whole, everyone can afford it with ease.  

Quick Points to Consider When Choosing Limestone Tiles for Flooring 

  • Pick the colours and patterns of the tiles that better suit your location. For example, for your bedroom, you must choose a colour that is more comfortable and attractive. Similarly, for your kitchen, go for the colour that is bright to make you more active.
  • Make sure that you measure your room or space properly, as all the measurements are going to be crucial. If by chance, there is any mistake in the measurements, it could lead you towards financial loss.

To sum up, limestone flooring is a great and safe option for you as it is non-combustible, and hence, it does not permit the spread of fire. Moreover, since limestone material is slip-resistant, you can install it anywhere without any worry.

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