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Most of the people are giving more importance to the jewelry not only because of their high value, but also for their elegant look and astonishing beauty. When it comes to jewelry, many have different opinions but among all rings would be a special one, none of them say no to it. If you check on to the rings, you have plenty of collections starting from the rhinestone still famous precious stone there are enormous collections left in people’s hands. Rings are so attached to people’s life starting from simple, classic wedding rings, memorable friends ring till daily wear suitable rings.

Even though the sterling silver rings are famous and neutral what made them track the fame in fashion style? This is the major question that arises in most people’s minds where you might be one among them too. You need to know the reason why sterling silver rings are famous and what made people start buying sterling silver rings? Then check out to the below-mentioned facts where the topmost reasons and facts about the sterling silver rings are explained.

 Metal Alloy – The sterling silver is made of 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% of other metals composition. When it comes to rings mostly the silver is combined with a copper metal alloy which gives high durability and enhances longer usage. Moreover while using sterling silver rings people don’t worry about getting the best hand accessories as they pretty look well with the stunning rings.

Attractive finish – Sterling silver rings are finely polished with rhodium to get rid of tarnish. If you deeply check the rhodium, then you can find it is a component of platinum family. As most of the sterling silver comes with rhodium coating it gives glossy and rich finishing which is perfectly suitable for wedding bands and rings.

Everyday wear style – When you are about to have sterling silver rings you have plenty of choices and different styles starting from a simple one to feminine, symbolic designs, and lettering rings which perfectly suit your style and be a better option to wear on daily basis. These rings also come with rhinestone decoration which makes them the best romantic gift for your loved ones to wear daily.

Beyond these reasons, there are some other additional reasons why people widely prefer sterling silver rings which are listed below.

Size compatible – Many would check out for pure silver which is too soft and available in large jewelry pieces. Where sterling silver comes in a compatible size which is best suits you in rings you can opt for your custom designs too.

Suitable for sensitive skin – The sterling silver is made in silver and copper composition they are anti-hypo-allergic which makes them the best suitable rings for sensitive and allergic skins.

Thus all the above-mentioned facts are the main reasons to prefer the sterling silver rings widely.

General Care of Sterling Silver Rings:

However, the sterling silver rings are stylish and hold glossy finish they get tarnish which makes them look like antique pieces by making them fade. But it does not mean that the sterling silver would be faded away soon, instead, these rings are widely preferred for their long term use. Thus why sterling silver rings do need care, to avoid fading and tarnishing.

Tarnishing is nothing but dark grey or black rust over the rings this is where you sense that your sterling silver rings need to clean and re-plated. Many would think why this tarnishing occurs over silver rings? It is mainly because of oxidation and natural oil presence in the skin which makes the ring to get tarnishing. However the tarnishing doesn’t mean that the ring is bad quality, rather it only means it needs some general care to enhance its astonishing bright look. Taking general care on sterling silver rings is means knowing when to wear the rings and how to store them in the collection. Here are some tips explained below.

Keep the silver dry:

It has been said that dry silver is a happy one where pure water doesn’t make any damages to silver but in your daily activities, pure water is not possible. So it is better to remove your ring when you are about to take a shower or get relaxed in a hot tub and hot spring all these make your silver rings tarnishing. On the other hand, the chemical infused perfumes and shampoos also result in tarnishing so it is a wise option to keep the silver dry.

Do proper storage:

The oxygen and moisture content in the air result tarnishing in the sterling silver so while storing them you should make sure to store them properly to reduce oxidation. Do store your sterling silver rings in the below-mentioned places.

  • High humidity place (not in the bathroom)
  • Store in an airtight box to reduce the oxidation and moisture
  • You can place a packet of silica or a chalk piece in the storage box or bag
  • Keep the bag or box in a closed manner to avoid moisture.

In addition to storage, it also wises to avoid wearing sterling silver when you are involved in the following activities.

  • Exceeding and Working Out
  • Swimming
  • Cleaning
  • Sunbathing
  • Applying Hairspray or Hair Products

How to clean the sterling silver rings?

Cleaning sterling silver rings are quite an easy process despite storing rings for a long time it is better to wear them frequently if not clean them frequently to avoid tarnishing. Clean your rings by following any one of the below methods.

Using baking soda – Mix 1 part of baking soda with 2 parts of water make a perfect paste and apply the paste over the ring using toothpaste or brush and clean them finely.

Liquid washer – You can use a liquid cleaner that you use to clean your hands can also be used to clean sterling silver rings.

Saltwater cleaning- you can place the ring in a foiled pan filled with water add 1 tsp of salt, 1 tsp of baking soda, and few drops of vinegar allow to boil for 10 minutes and then let to rest. In this method you can see all dirt, tarnishings get removed from the sterling rings.

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