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Get the Corner Office

Standing out from your coworkers, earning a promotion and eventually landing your very own corner office can feel out of reach when you’re working an entry-level or low position for a company. But those advancements might be closer than you think. If you’re ready to start working your way up the ladder, keep reading for a few tips to help you do just that.

Give Your Work More Than 100 Percent

Giving more than 100 percent at work can show your superiors that you’re serious about your job and committed to helping the company succeed. This doesn’t mean staying late each day or giving up a personal life for your job. Instead, it means taking the initiative to do things that weren’t directly asked of you.

Take the time to compile research findings in a useful, polished report. Offer to help out a coworker if you finish your own work early. While these steps may be small on their own, they add up and ensure that you stand out as someone in the office who is hardworking and always willing to help out others.

Level Up Your Career With an MBA

Perhaps the best way to level up your career and increase your chances of a pay raise and a promotion is by earning your Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree. While this step takes time and commitment, it can open up a variety of opportunities for you now and in the future.

Earning a master’s degree in business was once very challenging for those already working in the field. Most master’s programs take anywhere from a year or two of full-time course work to many years of part-time courses, some of which still require you to be in a classroom during normal working hours. For those already working in their chosen career field, this simply isn’t an option.

However, online MBA programs now make it easier than ever before to earn your degree while continuing to work in your current career. Not only can an MBA give you the skills you need to be more successful, but in most cases, it also means enjoying a pay bump. The average salary of an MBA graduate varies depending on your chosen career field, but is significantly higher than those working in similar positions without an advanced degree.

Don’t Be a Bystander

When it comes time to make decisions about promotions, your company may review performance records or look back over employee resumes. But first, they’re likely to toss around a few names that come to mind when they think about who might be deserving of the promotion. Whether you do outstanding work or not, if you tend to be quiet during meetings and keep to yourself around the office, it’s far less likely that your name will come up.

Speaking up during meetings or voicing your ideas to help your company can go a long way towards helping you to stand out at work. This doesn’t have to mean throwing out ideas that aren’t relevant. Even asking a few meaningful questions makes you an active participant, and others will notice. If you don’t feel as though you have something to add to the conversation, pursuing a master’s degree in business or even taking a few online courses to expand your skills can go a long way towards giving you the confidence you need to speak up.

Standing Out in the Workplace

If you’re feeling stuck in your current position, these tips can help. Giving more than 100 percent where you can, leveling up your career with an MBA and speaking up in meetings can help you make an impression and prove to your leadership team that you have what it takes to earn that corner office — and perhaps a raise.


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