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The event planning industry is growing up at a very fast pace. Many people planning corporate and consume events still think organizing an event doesn’t require professional help. They try to outsmart others in the market without paying attention to the ethos of the field.

Many practices in the meanwhile have a semblance of being or are entirely unethical. These are based n lies and misrepresentation. But when you seek professional help, you can ace your event without having to resort to cheap tactics.

This article will shed light on the unethical practices that you must avoid when you organize your next corporate or consumer event.

Three unethical practices to avoid in Event planning

Every industry and field faces the challenge of malpractices and ethical lapses. These cannot be avoided to the level of certainty. But practitioners of every field must avoid indulging in those unethical practices to the maximum extent. The same goes for the event management industry. If you are about to plan your event, with the help of professionals, you must try your best to avoid such activities.

You can rely on Event companies in Dubai without going left and right to ensure your event success. Professional services for event planning and execution may save you from the following unethical practices:

1.      Dishonest representation

It is very important to represent your business or brand with the utmost honesty. In an attempt to gouge a maximum number of people from among the target audience to increase the profiting prospects, business tends to present an overestimated picture of the brand or the event.

You need to avoid such an unethical practice at all costs. Let’s say there is a priced ticket for your event, instead of not mentioning it on your advertising content, you should come to clean well on time and give a justified reason for this price.  Take the moral high ground to improve your business credibility instead 0of misleading and inviting more people as half of them will return from the entrance in case of such a deceit.

2.      Hollow lineup relying on giveaways

Many people, when thinking of attracting the audience, focus too much on ways to attract the masses. The meanwhile, they pay too little attention to the essentials of the event which will actually make it worth attending and remembering afterward.

There’s nothing wrong with offering incentives and announcing giveaways for the attendees, but you must keep in mind that the event lineup must be worth giving those rewards and incentives. You do not want the keynote speaker speaking in front of a bunch of empty chairs. Thus instead of only making a glittery appearance, make your overall event god enough that people attend it with zeal.

3.      Intellectual property Breaches

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to access any kind of media from graphics to music. Intellectual property breaches are this difficult to avoid. In fact, it is very tempting to get background material from and use it for your event. This may save you time as well as costs. But it is unethical and thus you must avoid the practice.

Even if it is a few kilobytes in size, a media file that you do not own warrants you to give due credits to the owner upon its usage. Thus in order to preserve the ethos of event planning, you need to ensure that during the course of your event’s planning and execution, you, as well as your event planning professionals uphold ethical practices.

Hire professionals to uphold the ethos of event planning!

Is your next corporate or consumer event approaching soon? You must be juggling a lot of things in your mind that you want to do or avoid in your event. When you list down your Dos and Don’ts, make sure the unethical practices mentioned above are essentially among the don’ts.

You will need the support of event professionals to ace your event without going for any shortcuts and misrepresentations. If you are in the UAE, you have many seasoned professionals around. You can easily get in touch with one of the best event companies in Dubai to ensure upholding the ethos of the event planning industry.

Make your event memorable with its lineup, and that too, guilt-free.

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