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If you are not aware of what table tents are, don’t worry. It is a sort of triangle structure that is used by most restaurant owners to make more sales. These tents are very important in the sense that they are one of the main marketing techniques that are used by various eateries.

What are they?

The custom table tents are much more than to be placed on a table for promotional purposes. They are made of a single sheet of cardboard that has been folded in a triangular shape. They have two sides and a plain base that supports the structure.

The two sides are printed and carry the promotional message that the advertiser wishes you to see. These printed table tents have many advantages that make them so popular and useful. Let’s discuss some of them in detail.

Why are they used?

There are several advantages to using something like a table tent. They are one of the most useful items that you can use to make the customer know more about the restaurant. We have made a list of some of the uses of tents and the benefits that the eatery can get out of them.

  • Brand promotion: the greatest use of tents is that they help you in setting up the brand image of the restaurant. You just have to print the name and the logo of the firm and make sure that they are displayed most effectively. These table tent cards are very useful in this regard. They can be easily displayed on top of every table, and the customer will have to notice them. And this is where you can make them notice the brand symbols and make them more memorable. This is a very suitable technique for a proper establishment with a conscious customer base, who like to eat out at a quality brand. Street stalls are usually not brands. They rely heavily on a large volume of single sales, where the customers are less concerned about the brand image. This makes them less likely to use a tent for branding.
  • Sales offer: this is the main usage of the tents. Restaurants offer various deals and promotional offers to attract customers. This is the main reason they are displayed prominently. They allow you to make the customer notice anything new that you are offering. This creates a better impression. The sales offers are very effective when it comes to restaurants and sales. If the customer is sitting at a table waiting for their order, they will have more time to study the offer and make a decision based on it. Places where the customer has to wait a bit for their food take advantage of the tents. Street stalls thrive on their quick service. This leaves you lesser time in which to study the tent. Plus, there are many distractions that will prevent the customer from studying the offers in detail.
  • Market visibility: visibility is important when it comes to making the tent effective. If the customers cannot see it, then there is no use of making an effort on it. The broad and flat sides act like billboards. They display the information you wish to share. The customer will notice them, and this will boost the visibility to a large degree. The stable base and the attractively printed sides are very suitable for making people notice your offers in a quick time.
  • Intrusiveness: Imagine a large and loud promotional offer that keeps disturbing you. You wouldn’t like that, right? These tents are very effective in the sense that they catch the eye of the customer, but they do not appear pushy. This makes them suitable for use in a restaurant that provides a relaxing and calm atmosphere for its customers. Street stalls are noisy and distracting. If you use these tents, they will appear annoying and will create a negative impression.
  • Customization and costs: this is another factor that we have to keep in mind. The tents have to be redesigned every time the offer changes. That is often costly and difficult to afford. Restaurants can afford that expenditure, but a street stall will not be able to do so. Also, more than the costs, the offer matters. Restaurants are always giving out new promotional offers and selling different types of cuisines. A street stall usually sticks to a certain type of cuisine and sells the same items to customers for a long time. This makes the tent a bit unnecessary for their usage.

Suitable for street food?

We have looked at the design and structure of the tents. We have also had a detailed look at their usage. Both of these aspects make the tents very suitable for use in a proper restaurant that has proper sitting and tables. If they were to be displayed by a street stall, they would not be effective. The basic thing that is required by the tents is a firm surface to rest upon. And a street-side stall will not be able to provide that. Therefore, we can say that these tents are not suitable for street use.

Even if you do get a seating arrangement for a stall, the printing will be exposed to the elements, and that will harm the outlook and the Table Tent Printing. This is another reason as to why they are unsuitable for use outdoors. If you are looking to make the most out of your tabletop tents, then you will have to supply them with a proper indoor environment.

Based on these reasons, we can easily see that the tents are more suited to an eatery that has proper seating and a relaxed atmosphere than a busy street stall.

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