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In last year normally we need to explain what is TikTok and how it could work for marketing channels, and few people will admit TikTok maybe is the next big thing for e-Commerce, and it happened now as Shopify build a partnership with TikTok. TikTok for business basically comes true globally.

TikTok is well known for its short video content, UGC feature has given it fresh and continued vitality. And where is from the vitality? We need to thank you for the TikTok algorithm. The algorithm uses a number of factors to base its suggestions on 15s clips. These include user engagement, such as likes or shares, and comments posted as well as video information such as BGM, sounds and hashtags. We can understand those as resources of a video. TikTok will use your device and language settings to “make sure the system is optimized for performance” but receive lower weight compared to the other metrics “since users don’t actively express these as preferences.” As for the algorithm, you can check out more in our previous post “3 Stage of TikTok Algorithm”. In this post, we will mainly share how to connect business with TikTok, since it has been well proved in China by a great revenue value in 2020.

We say TikTok is a magic platform that possible to get a million views post once, based on this we do know TikTok is expanding and repeating its way in China to other markets. The Douyin, Chinese version of TikTok begins based on young people under the age of 18, through 3 years, the users have attracted wide age of people, they share life daily, they create dedicated to content, they build an account for business purpose. So, we say this way also fits other markets. Back to our topic, how to unlock a business way based on TikTok is the leader of the short video platform.

However, business completion is low at TikTok compare to other platforms, it presents a massive opportunity that users have a chance to reach many audiences at a lower cost.

TikBuddy as the analytics and marketing toolkit will help the users to understand the TikTok e-commerce way according to its algorithm, and to learn how to use it for your business. From the next post, we will share the 3 ways and details and go through some real cases that popular in China to help you understand well. So, free to join TikBuddy now for the unique helpful post. If any questions, feel free to contact us at

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