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300 Blackout Details About 300 AAC Blackout, Bullet Size, and Range

Mostly people who watch action on TV or work in risky professions show their interest in guns, rifles, and weapons. However, if you are one of those interested or became curious because you watched John Wick, then you have come to the right place! Here, you will not fall short of assuming why you arrived on our website because all we talk about is weapons and rifles, especially the 300 Blackout.

A little about Rifles

You already know the term ‘rifles’ and must have seen one in reality or in movies, but have you ever wondered what are the mechanics that work inside a rifle and how it becomes a brutal weapon? Well, if we define a rifle in simple words, it is a long-barreled firearm with a groovy look designed for shooting. Adding to that, the rifle’s design is so because it has to be held with both hands against the shoulder of the shooter and then used accordingly.

Hence, if you ever come across a situation where you have to use a rifle, make sure you follow the above-given method. Adding more to this, rifles are mainly used in warfare, hunting, and target shooting so they are not something immature and careless people can handle.

What are the Types of Rifles?

Coming to that, not many people are interested in knowing the different types of rifles, and all they find exciting is how to use one. But still, there are ample options to choose from including bolt action rifles, semi-automatic ones, lever action, and fully automatic rifles. With that being said, some well-known 300 AAC blackout rifles available in the market are as follows – Tavor X95 (IWI), Wilson Combat AR-15, and Springfield Armory Saint. Each one of them has its own unique features and qualities that best suit it allowing its users a fair chance to shoot and experience the power it provides.

What are the Types of Rifles

Details of a 300 Blackout Rifle

We will not waste your time and talk about things like how was the bullet made and what materials were used in its production. And so, giving it straight, the 300 Blackout bullet was designed by the United States with the purpose of replacing the 7.62*39 mm bullet and being used in multiple weapons. In addition to that, the 300 Blackout rifle comes in the form of supersonic and subsonic ammunition further allowing it to be a good choice for many. However, its main fame comes from its subsonic performance so it is mainly used in suppressed firearms.

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Are there Any other Advantages to the 300 Blackout Rifle?

Well,  to answer this question, we went into deep research and found some crucial points that could explain the significant advantages of 300 Blackout.

Down below, we mention points that show some of the advantages.

The 300 Blackout is compatible with the AR-15 and hence a versatile bullet.

In terms of the versatility of 300 Blackout, it can also be used in rifles like close combat and long distance.

It is less noisy than other bullets making it a must choice for shooters.

Therefore, due to all the three mentioned points, it has become a popular choice for shooters and firearm professionals.

Why do People Choose 300 Blackout Above all Others?

This question runs in the head of many people as to why there are so many users of the 300 Blackout bullet. And the answer to that is also very simple. When talking about 300 Blackout vs 556, the latter, although faster and more fervent, at the same time is much more noisy in comparison to the 300 BLK. And that is a big reason why people choose it over any other. Another thing to add is that 300 Blackout has been in the market for nearly thirty years giving tough competition to other ammunition companies.

What are the drawbacks of 300 Blackout?

Well, when it comes to using a 300 Blackout in a 5.56 chamber, chances are that the situation may go against you and this is because these two calibers have almost the same chamber dimensions, and therefore some flag it as a safety issue.

Here’s the thing, the 300 BLK is bigger than the .223 bore, and so if you pop it into a .223 chamber, it may not end up as you wish. The bullet does not have anywhere to go, and that leads to a serious pressure build-up. In such a case, your rifle could go boom, and that is something you do not wish for.

So, in order to play it safe, for people who own both .223 and 300 Blackout, we advise you to keep things separate and check twice before you load your mags.

Now, if you are thinking of using it in a .223 Barrel, then be careful because all factors come into play.

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Some Info On 300 Blackout Ammo

The 300 Blackout came into the market to replace the 5.56, as the 5.56 could only be used in AR-15 rifles, however, it was better because it could load with supersonic and subsonic ammunition making it suitable for other weapons as well.

The supersonic loads use lighter bullets that travel with higher velocity, hence making them operational for medium range only, but on the other hand, subsonic loads offer a quieter shooting experience. And so, in this way, it becomes a better choice for hunting and home defense.

As far as ammo availability is concerned,  you can find many manufacturers who produce this cartridge as per the needs of customers. And so, because of all these reasons, we suggest you go with this bullet as your ultimate decision.


Finally, we conclude that apart from 300 Blackout being in the market for 30 years, the bullet is quieter than the 5.56, which gives you more options and movement.  And so, we advise you to go for it and choose the best possible bullet in the market.

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