Mon. Jun 24th, 2024
Institutional Grant

WDSI (World Data Science Initiative) has taken the biggest initiative of all time in the data science domain in the context of nurturing global talent. An announcement of USD 300 million as an institutional grant has been made, and the applications for the same are open for global universities and institutes educating students in data science. The ultimate aim is to build a large pool of data science professionals (about 250,000) by 2022 that will power future projects in the data science domain.

30+ technology institutions from 23 countries have already registered for the WDSI’s globally-recognized data science initiative by now. A majority of these educational institutes and universities aim for setting up centers of data science excellence within their campuses to provide students with advanced knowledge in data science, ML & AI.

Prospective World Target in Terms of Grant Distribution

The potential distribution of the data science research grant under the initiative will roughly follow the below-mentioned breakup:

55% – talent development for entry, junior and senior-level big data professionals/analysts

40% – to be invested into nurturing talent forming communities of data scientists, data architects, and business intelligence experts.

5% – investment in promoting talent in the entry, junior, and senior-level roles among data engineers, app developers, and technologists. 

The Mission

The program will cover universities and educational institutions spread across the continents to eventually help them attain global standards in terms of teaching data science to their respective students. The mission involves producing a pool of 250,000 future-ready data science professionals by 2022. Educational institutes will prove to be the biggest beneficiaries of the mentioned data science initiative as globally-recognized accreditation will be extended to select colleges & universities. 

Instilling Excellence in Global Educational Hubs

The futuristic initiative help forms a consortium of global educational hubs and international bodies constituting technology schools, business schools, universities, researchers, data science educators, the World Bank, and the United Nations. Building the next generation of data science professionals remains the ultimate quest. 

Today’s information age is all about the availability of data and information that acts as the fuel to power growth and development. Data science, as a matter of fact, has emerged as the most critical engine generating highly-requisite growth. Nations across the globe are in dire need of data science experts that can bring about a revolutionary change in the lives of their people. 

What Big Benefits Await for Universities and Educational Institutes Worldwide?

Quite evident is the fact that universities will join the said initiative as beneficiaries of the subsidies and grants that will cover about 40 -70 percent of the cost of accreditation. WDSI is your golden opportunity as an educational institution to level up to the global standards of teaching and to join the coveted consortium of globally-recognized educational bodies. You will get considered as a top global institute delivering advanced data science knowledge once accredited by WDSI. 

Initiative to Deliver 360 Degree Talent Nurturing in Data Science Domain

WDSI, as a talent nurturing initiative in data science, extracts the best out of its partner bodies to design and develop data science learning programs that are future-proof and vendor-neutral. A guarantee of churning out advanced-level data science talent can be provided with the successful implementation of the revolutionary initiative. 

Scope for Top-Tier Public Universities and Private Institutions

Renowned public universities and World Bank-funded educational institutes will benefit by being able to set up new centers of excellence in Data Science leveraging support from the WDSI initiative. On the other hand, private universities and technological institutes will get benefited by receiving accreditation from DASCA (Data Science Council of America). The said accreditation will help them elevate academic capability and repute by helping with seamlessly infusing world-class vendor-neutral data science curricula in their ongoing data science courses.

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