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Technology has brought about significant changes in the industry and in several areas. 3D printing news are becoming more famous among companies and people who want to take advantage of the agility and flexibility of this equipment to produce what is desired. 3D printing has a wide range of applications.


What previously seemed possible only in films, is now a reality: 3D printing has brought innovation in medicine. In orthopedics, the printing of prostheses and implants using plastic, silicone and surgical steel already happens and changes the lives of thousands of people around the world, as it is possible to create fully customized prostheses and at a lower cost.

The resource is also widely used in dental offices, for the printing of crowns and implants, for example. 3D printing already replicates ears, nose, cartilage, synthetic skin, etc.

The 3D printer can also help in the reproduction of real organs, necessary for the identification of tumors and in-depth diagnoses without the need for an invasive procedure for the patient. The tumor is digitally mapped and then printed.

A study by Italian researchers showed that vascularized cardiac tissues could also be produced by the 3D printer. Even though this procedure is still in its early stages, it will revolutionize treatments for the heart.

Decoration and household items

3D printing has been widely used in the decoration and utensils for the home, as it allows the production of personalized objects, with different and very creative formats. These pieces can be easily found for purchase on the internet and in physical stores.

Toys for kids

Many toys are manufactured by 3D printing. The Toybox printer was designed for children to produce their own toys. It has a simple, compact and versatile design. The application that enables printing has a large collection of predefined designs, but it is also possible to create your own projects and let the child let their imagination run free, with virtually no limitations.

The impact on our future

The technology of 3D printing advances every day and can perform even more amazing things in a future closer than we imagine. The advancement in 3D printing in medicine also give us a promising expectation for what is to come. It is estimated that in the near future it will be possible to perform transplants of printed organs, made from biologically constructed tissues.

3D printing features are also improving. The MIT manufacturing and productivity lab created a printer 10 times faster than traditional models, and it is hoped that several other materials, such as metal, will soon be used. Over the years, the constant reduction in the price of this equipment will allow it to become popular and that people can purchase without much effort, for personal or business use.

The future is already happening, 3D printing has already changed the model of many processes, and it is estimated that it will revolutionize the current market.

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