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video production

Creation and use of videos to market and promote a business’s product or service refers to video production and marketing. It creates brand awareness, enhances customer engagement on digital and social media channels, and educates customers about the business. They also provide customer testimonials, viral content, and live streaming.

Why Use Videos?

The hype that video marketing services are on the rise in today’s time, is not going to die soon. Videos are very much engaging as they can present a real-life picture of what’s happening around the globe and can be shared easily through multiple platforms.

Videos are convenient as they save the eyes from an excess of textual data available online, which is burdensome to the mind and eyes. That is why peo ple reportedly spend billions of hours watching videos on various platforms annually.

Customers like videos since they engage and advertise in an entertaining way. For the marketers, videos can possibly give huge amounts of return on investment (ROI) through numerous channels.

Additionally, anyone who has access to the internet can easily watch and produce videos. While certainly, high-quality professional videos are trending, anyone with even the basic knowledge can create videos on laptops on their own just within an hour.

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Type of Videos:

  1. Interviews: Help make dialogues and conversations among guests, influencers, parties, etc.
  2. Explainers: Help teach consumers about your product through client service activities, instructions, user guidelines, etc.
  3. Live video: It is a way of getting close with your crowd and making personal interactions through social media channels.
  4. Product Demo or Review Videos: Are usually made by brand representatives in return for free goods.

Five Reasons to Make Video Production and Marketing a Priority Now:

1.  Enhanced Engagement:

Video is an ideal approach to attract and retain potential customers to your site and make them engage with your brand. Time-on-site and Time-on-page numbers significantly increase when placed videos.  Polls, charts, podcasts, images, surveys, graphics, and charts are all a great way of engaging customers, but nothing works more than videos.

2. Huge Amount of Information Conveyed in a Short Period of Time:

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, then how amazing it would be with a video. A video helps you to say in a brief time frame as opposed to text. A video is more captivating and engages more human senses (sight, hearing), so it is more appealing to the mind than other techniques.

With the advent of digital channels, consumers buying behaviors and purchasing decisions have changed a lot. They can search and place orders online from anywhere in the world. For any particular product or service, there is a lot of choices out there. So, just “to sale out” is not the only thing businesses need.

Now, they have to persuade the customers with reasons as to why they buy their product or service. What value does it add to their life? According to research, 97% of advertisers say that their videos help customers understand and buy the product since they combine visual and audio elements and appeal to many human senses.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Web search engines have a tendency to rank video content higher and classify them as high-quality content. It is estimated and assessed that by the end of this year, approximately 80% of the website traffic will come through videos.

When you place useful video content on the web, it draws more quality traffic and enhances the brand’s visibility. So placing relevant videos as part of your site’s content can do wonders for your site’s SEO.

4. Videos Boost Site’s Conversions:

Videos tangibly affect your market presence. A lot of customers say that a video helped them to choose from alternatives and make a purchase decision. Consumers who get a chance to watch an item/ product in real life through an explainer video may eventually purchase it. Thus, including a product-related video on your site’s landing page can boost conversions by approximately 80%.

Another reason that why and how videos produce conversions is that they keep visitors hooked to the site long enough to search around across the site. This is particularly valid for the individuals who can’t do big textual reads as that is burdensome to the eyes and is tiring for sight and mind.

5. Videos Influence Purchase Decisions:

If a video connects strongly with your target audience, it is going to influence their decision-making process. They are 64% more bound to buy an item subsequent to watching video content.

6. Videos Go Well Among Smart Phone Users:

With the extensive use of smartphones, the number of people using smartphones to watch videos is rising, and it is not going to end soon. An interesting statistic provided by video distributing companies is that around 88% of short clips, of about 30 seconds, are watched till finished on mobile phones.

The same is not valid for people using PCs. So, with such a significant number of mobile phone users, mobile-friendly sites and videos can help a lot in presenting your desired message straight to your clients.

7. Videos Effectively Build Brand Recognition:

The style and nature of your video content mirror the type of brand that you are. Developing a video with dull tones and a clean outline may not be suitable for a toddler’s clothing brand. However, it can go well and prove to be captivating for the clients of an IT organization, and making the potential buyers immediately identify your brand and recall it if required in future.

8. People Share Videos Easily:

There are great trends and easy options for social media users to watch a video and share it with friends and family.  Almost 700 videos are shared every minute on Twitter among users, and more or less is the case with other social media platforms. So, marketing with videos is way too easier as compared to other channels.

Wrapping Up:

Videos are not just for fun. They permit you to have a human connection with your clients than that of just a buyer and seller. It can easily do what long textual contents cannot.

It is the most famous content type in the world right now. And that makes sense; in a highly computerized world, people long for association and connectivity. We need to hear and see individuals in a real-life manner.

Videos provide you the opportunity to get close to your target audience and let them see what you and your business are doing. The key here is to think past sales and profit. Show them your way of thinking, and your philosophy for business. The more they think and believe in your positive practices, the more they are likely to stay and stick.

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