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hi freind my dear freinds in this articles we are going to talk about some of best andriod hacking app  so lets start before starting  first we should exactly know what is hacking..? and what is hacker..? :  in my view hacking is act of finding clever solution to a programming issue. so in my view hacker is a clever programmer so let take one example suppose your located in here in mumbai and someone else accessing your computer logging from USA isn’t  that hacker..? in my view  big no . term hacker describe in popular media actually who attempting  break in  your computer system in my view this person actually known as cracker .. because cracker crack computer system and he is doing same thing just cracking your computer code to get in your computer system here is actuall meaning of security cracker : A security cracker is some whoes purpose is to circumvent or break security measure. but hacker has intent  improve that security system ,are confuse between hacker and cracker ..  so let us explain cracker are hacker but they have comeletly different intentsion and have more tools and knowlege to harm your computer system for theire personal gain in conclusion hacker looks for solution and cracker look to built malicious things for personal gain it take hacker to make cracker, but don’t confuse they are same it  depend on intension so let come to main point top andriod hacking  apps
1.Cryptography app : suppose you want to send secret message using ang gmail and other network to your freinds so cryptography is better  solution for you, so bascially what does  cryptpgraphy do,  in cryptography you enter plan text and it will generate code text which long string of charecter which doesn’t mean any sense to anyone then you can send it by email or other messaging apps and to decode it other person also need same decripstion alogrithms to be in a safe side that you have use for be in safe make sure you has use to encription so no one can crack it2 pixelknot: this is a  very cool app with this apps you can hide any message inside the image send it to your freind  getting inside the apps it will ask you to select image  and once you selected the image then it ask you to enter messageso after entering the message it will ask for password after setting password it will start creating  encrypted message so when your encrypted message is created you can share on facebook, twitteer ,you can also save to google drive in form plan image  if anyone want to decode  the message reciver should halso have pixelknot if not may not decode your message, i think this coolest apps try one time3. Orbot proxy: orbot is andriod application which allow to rout all your  traffic through tour network well how is this  diffrent from vpn..? well vpn run on single sever, where as  tor rout your traffic through various tunnel it makes sure no traces  are left behind all  that traffic passses through tour network make  sure that it encrypted in multiples times before reaching the last computer network so let look  tor network user interface tor network user interface is very simple person who don’t have any technical knowlege can also use orbot tor you can get connected to tor by just tapin and holding it in tor no need to do  configurationzanti: zanti is very good andriod hacking apps  for those who don’t know  zanti is  penitration testing toolkit that allow  to perform mallicious attack on network you can use this apps for change your device mac address you can also creat mallicious thing also exploit router of other wifi you can also creat ad run http sever also. basically this apps use for wifi network penetration or security assegment but other side of this app is may user perform many illegal activities i think this is best andriod apps for hacking tanku for reading

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