Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
Doctorate in Business Administration

4 Great Reasons to Get a Doctorate in Business Administration

If you’re thinking of getting a degree in business administration but aren’t sure whether to go for your doctorate or not, take note: there are many reasons why this degree is one of the top choices for today’s upwardly-mobile young professionals. These days, there are even ways to get your doctor in business administration with online degrees! Read on to find out more about this smart career move:

Demand is High

In nearly every field today, those in positions to hire are looking for people with excellent educational and experiential records. This means that those who hold doctorate degrees are in high demand, whether that be a doctorate in business administration or something else. Business administration also guarantees some kind of position of leadership, which makes the thousands of projects searching for management or direction very happy to hire new graduates!

Jobs are Plentiful

Any time you invest in education, you want to think you’ll get a return on that investment. Jobs in your chosen field may pay well, but what good will that do if you can’t find one of those positions? Thankfully, there are many jobs to be had in the field of business administration for those holding doctorate degrees: thousands of positions are listed each year in the field, with higher earning potential for those with doctorate degrees and advanced levels of experience!

Earnings are Great

While those with higher education levels and more experience in the field of business administration make more per year, the average annual income of those with this degree is a comfortable six figures. Those with a doctorate often earn between $112,000 – $175,000, with earning potential only going up from there. For those looking for financial stability, this is definitely a great choice!

Schooling is Widely Available

With all of these positives going for it, you might think that getting your hands on a doctorate in business administration is difficult, but you’d be wrong! While any doctorate degree takes hard work and focused dedication, today’s students can find educational opportunities in a variety of formats – including getting their degree almost entirely online!


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