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Damaged teeth can mar your smile and compromise your oral health, appearance, and self-esteem. Teeth replacement options like crowns are designed to restore your smile so you can eat, smile, and laugh normally. But, sometimes, the lengthy process of installing them can become a deterrent. The multiple visits to your dentist’s office for an impression test, temporary crown placement, and crown implantation can feel like a hassle. Fortunately, many dental clinics offer San Antonio same day crowns. These are crowns you get on the same day you visit your dentist. And if that sounds impressive, here are four more reasons you should consider same-day crowns over traditional crowns.

The Process Is Simpler

The appeal of getting same-day crowns is that you do not have to go through the entire application process. This means that, if you do not need a tooth repair, you can skip it and go straight to restoration. Same-day crowns also do not require drilling, where the dentist drills down on your original tooth to allow it to accommodate the crown. The process is simpler and allows you to maintain most of your natural teeth. Usually, your dentist will use digital mapping to create an exact impression of the crown. This eliminates the need to reshape your teeth or use putty to create manual impressions.

They Take a Shorter Time to Install

Digital mapping eliminates the need for manual impressions, which usually take days or weeks to get ready in the lab. They also produce exact impressions, eliminating the need to reshape your teeth. The result is a shorter installation process that is inherent in the name – you get your crowns the same day you visit your dentist. Ultimately, this means that you can fix emergency tooth damage quickly and even get a restoration for an event, meeting, or appointment.

They Eliminate the Need for Temporary Crowns

Traditional crowns involve the installation of temporary crowns to hold the place of the final crown being prepared in the lab. Temporary crowns are rarely customized and can be uncomfortable and unnatural-looking.  As you wait for your crowns to be ready, you may face challenges chewing and feel conscious about your smile. It can make the waiting period harrowing. By producing a perfectly tailored crown, digital mapping eliminates this step from the same-day crown process.

They Form a Better, More Natural Fit

Although they are produced faster and through a less complicated process than traditional crowns, same-day crowns are designed for durability. They are the final solution, which means they have to be perfect. Consequently, your dentist will usually ensure that your same-day crowns fit perfectly and account for all the contours in your mouth. This means that these crowns often fit more naturally and restore your bite pattern immediately. Where problems occur, your dentist can use milling to promptly fix the shape or size of the crown.

Get Same-Day Crowns Today

Perhaps the most notable benefit of same-day crowns is that they cut back on the time you spend visiting your dentist. Rather than make an appointment for every step of the application process, you can get these crowns in one day. And because they are meant to offer a permanent solution, you do not have to sacrifice quality in the process. If you are ready to restore your smile without the hassle of multiple dental visits, contact a certified same-day crown provider near you today.

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